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10 Ways To Renovate Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

10 Ways To Renovate Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

If you're wondering how to decorate your apartment on a budget, these apartment decor hacks and tips will help you. Here are some ways to renovate your apartment on a budget.

Let’s face it, most apartments that you can afford as a millennial aren’t the greatest in terms of decorations. Here are a few ways to renovate your apartment on a budget and make it feel more like home!


Painting is the easiest way to make a space feel completely different! Ask your landlord what you can do with the walls, and if there will be any extra cost for putting paint on the walls. Once you get the go-ahead, pick a color that suits you best. Changing a white wall to a brilliant shade of purple can make all the difference!

Add Rugs

Short of tearing the carpet out (which I have serious doubts your landlord will be happy about), rugs are your best bet! Find a few cheap carpets that match your walls; it’s much more cost effective than redoing your whole floor anyway!


10 Ways To Renovate Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

Buy A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are great for when you need that extra bit of counter space, but most basic apartments don’t have them. Find a sturdy table, preferably one with wheels that you can roll out of the way when you’re not using it. Usability and décor all in one!

New Lighting

Buy new light fixtures! The old ones were probably boring anyway, and the new ones will make your apartment look like an all new apartment!


New Knobs

Get new knobs for your drawers. It gives you a fresh look, and you can always take them with you when you move out!


Take that old couch or armchair that you got from the thrift store and reupholster it! It won’t look like an old piece of furniture, and you can make it match the rest of your apartment!



Replace Your Curtains

Replace the curtains so that they fit your style – no need to keep the drab off-white blinds that you moved in with!

10 Ways To Renovate Your Entire Apartment On A Budget

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Add A New Shower Spout

If you have low water pressure but can’t afford to upgrade the whole shower, install a water pump! A high powered shower and for not even half the cost of a new shower!

Water Filter

Instead of paying for bottled water every week, install a water filter to the kitchen tap. You’ll end up saving more money in the long run, and your tap water won’t taste gross anymore!


Replace Old Caulk

Replace the caulk in your bathroom. If you’re wondering what caulk is, it’s that line that separates your shower and the wall and prevents water from seeping through and making the walls mushy. It only costs about 10 bucks and it’ll save a lot of extra work later!

Can you think of any more ways to renovate your apartment on a budget? Let us know down below!

10 Ways To Renovate Your Entire Apartment On A Budget