10 Ways To Relax After Work

10 Ways To Relax After Work

You might be struggling to find ways to relax after a stressful day at work. Luckily, there are dozens of things you can do to let loose and have a little fun once your work day is over. I’ve listed 10 of them below to help get you started.

1. Take a bubble bath

It’s no secret that bubble baths can be incredibly therapeutic. Dim the lights, light a candle, and put on some relaxing music to really set the mood. Throw in your favorite bath bomb, bubble bath, or scented oil, and you’re good to go. The warm water and ambience will be sure to relax you and ease any work worries you might have.

10 Ways To Relax After Work

2. Order your favorite meal

If you’ve spent a long day at work, the last thing you probably want to do is cook up something to eat. Give yourself a break and indulge in your favorite food. Eating something you love is always soothing, and it’s a good reward after a hard day’s work. Pro tip: UberEats is exponentially cheaper than Postmates.

3. Do a face mask

Doing a little self care after spending a day catering to others will definitely make you feel good. Grab your favorite face mask and throw it on while you eat dinner, call a friend, or watch a movie. Not only will your skin glow, you’ll no doubt feel more relaxed after doing something nice for yourself. Personally, I highly recommend the mint face mask from Lush.

10 Ways To Relax After Work

4. Watch your favorite show or movie

If you’re already worried about tomorrow, watching your favorite show or movie will no doubt soothe you. If you’re feeling stressed, watch something scary, funny, or romantic to distract yourself from work worries. Get lost in another world, with no thoughts of tomorrow.

10 Ways To Relax After Work

5. Read a book

If you’re not too tired from the day you’ve had, try something different and pick up a book (it’s probably been a while). Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or something intellectual, reading will no doubt distract you and take your mind off of whatever’s stressing you out. You’ll also undoubtedly feel more productive than if you did something else.

6. Cuddle with something or someone

Whether it’s your teddy bear or SO, cuddling something or someone will relax you and ease your mind. It’s always nice to hold something or be held by someone, and what better way to end your day than to cuddle? According to webmd.com, “When you cuddle with someone you care about, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that calms you and makes you more likely to deal better with stress.”

10 Ways To Relax After Work

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7. Light a candle

Lighting your favorite candle is a good way to self soothe by appealing to your senses after a long day. A scented candle is sure to do just the trick; it’ll make your room smell amazing, and the flickering light will be sure to calm you. Also, wooden wick candles can be nice to listen to; the wick crackles as it burns, sounding like a fireplace, which is always nice to listen to.

8. Write about your day

10 Ways To Relax After Work

Whether you keep a journal or just like to occasionally write on your laptop, writing is a good way to relieve stress while expressing your emotions. Sometimes just getting your thoughts out about your day on paper will make you feel ten times better once you’re done.

9. Listen to music

Turn your lights off, put your earphones in, get in bed, and crank up your favorite music to relax after a day at work. Music — especially soothing music — is a great way to ease your mind if you’re feeling stressed. Get lost in your thoughts to a soundtrack of your choosing to take some time away from work.

10. Call a friend or family member

Sometimes a great way to get your mind off of your own problems is to be of service to someone else. Give a close friend or family member a call and ask how their day has been. It’ll remind you that you’re not alone in stressing about life, and give you time to check in with someone that you care about. Talking with someone you love about everything and nothing at all is therapeutic in itself.

Hopefully I’ve given you a few ideas on how to relax after a long day at work. Have any of your own favorite ways to let loose when you’re stressed? Comment below!

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