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8 Ways To Reinvent Yourself After A Breakup

8 Ways To Reinvent Yourself After A Breakup

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Breaking up can be hard, to say the least. But everything happens for a reason. It’s time to move on and be better than ever. Here are some ways that you can reinvent yourself after a break-up, and show your ex what they’re missing.

1. Change your hair

Probably the most cliche of all, featured in every rom-com imaginable. Don’t think you have to completely change your style after a break-up. But this is the perfect time to decide if you want to re-vamp your look. A new hairstyle can give you a sense of confidence you never knew you had.

2. Do that one thing you always wanted to do

Now is the time to get started on something you finally have time for. Relationships can be all-consuming, with most of your time being dictated to by the other person. Try joining new clubs or taking up a new hobby. Painting, going to the gym, reading or playing sports. Having fun will act as a distraction and take your mind off things, giving you an outlet to meet new people.

3. Travel

Creating new experiences and seeing different places, enhances you as a person. Travelling with friends or going solo will change your life for the better. There’s a world out there bigger and better than your ex, and it’s time to explore it.

4. Workout

Releasing endorphins is one of the best ways to boost your mood. Sign up for a gym membership, or go jogging in your local park. Nothing beats having a revenge body, so toning up shows your ex what they’re missing.

5. Update your music playlist

Listening to the same songs over and over can get repetitive, reminding you of old emotions and time spent with your ex. Find new artists to help you get over your breakup, and steer clear of anything too emotional or heartbreak related.

6. Get a cute pet

A pet can be a new lease of life. Finding your new best friend, bonding with them, and taking them for walks can be extremely helpful when getting over a breakup. They also fill any gaps you were feeling emotionally, and give you something to take care of.

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7. Journal

Write down your goals, dreams and emotions. Make a 5 year plan and aim to stick to it. Organising what you want out of life gives you direction, and with a clear plan makes it a heck of a lot easier. Your future looks a little different now, but don’t see it as a setback. This is a chance for a better you.

8. Treat yourself

Something we all take for granted, ourselves. Clear your mind with some friends and head out to a spa weekend. Or stay at home with your favourite lush products to hand. Nothing beats being able to relax and forget about the stress your ex caused you. Pair with a face mask, to get you feeling and looking your best.

How do you Reinvent yourself After a Break-up? Let us know in the comments!

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