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10 Ways To Reinvent Your Workout Routine

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Workout Routine

Having a workout routine that keeps you motivated is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Here are 10 tipsand tricks to help make fitness more fun!

If there’s one thing that is essential to staying healthy it’s consistency. When your workout routine becomes too monotonous it may be time to make some changes – while retaining a regimen. Here are 10 tips to re-energize your workouts.

1. Write out your reps

Before even stepping one Nike-clad foot into the gym, write out your full workout – reps and sets included. Have a set time-frame in mind to reduce the risk of elongated rest periods. Whether you write it on a notepad or in your phone is up to you, but make sure you cross things off as you complete them. Not only does this make you feel ultra-productive, but also keeps you accountable for a solid sweat session.

2. Crank up the cardio

If you would rather step on a tac than step foot on a treadmill – incorporate some creative cardio into your weekly workout routine at least three times. While cardio might make you cringe, it’s essential for heart health. For those of you who get bored jogging – try out an intense HIIT workout. HIIT is comprised of interval bursts of energy input followed by slower intervals allowing you to rest.


Sprint for 30 seconds, and follow with a minute cool down. Complete this 8 to ten times for a burn that feels less boring. HIIT can be incorporated into stairs, running, or full-body movements like jump-squats or push ups.

For those of you that prefer a more subdued sweat, try out LISS, or low intensity steady state cardio. On the treadmill increase your incline to around 15 and go with a more moderate speed. Your heart rate should be above 130 BPM for a 20 minute cardio session that blasts calories.

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Workout Routine


3. Shift your workout split

Routine can get monotonous, so try testing out a new workout split to reinvigorate your schedule. You can split your days into muscle groups, or go with full upper and lower body days. On weekends, incorporate a full body day or an ab-blasting circuit to switch it up.

4. Active rest day

Whether you workout 3 days or 6 days a week, rest is essential. On your days off from the gym, find an activity that’s enjoyable and elevates your heart rate. Moving your body on off days can prevent injury and improve circulation to sore muscles. Take the dog for a walk, swim some laps or toss a frisbee on the quad with your friends.

5. Get motivated with some inspo

If you’ve been on Instagram within the past year you’ll notice a surge of fitness gurus with a plethora of workout videos readily accessible. Follow a few who inspire you, and use the save option to curate some workouts for days you feel in a funk. If you stroll into the gym empty-headed, you won’t feel as tempted to tear out of the parking lot.


6. Invest in a plan

Sometimes self-motivation falls short. If your workout routine is lackluster and you feel it’s time for a serious step up, you may consider purchasing a workout plan. The intensity and length of plan is totally up to you – but I would recommend doing thorough research before buying. There are endless workout plans available online but not all are created equally.

7. Workout wear

Even if it’s just a new sports bra, new workout wear can crank up your confidence in the gym. Whatever it may be, make it comfortable and functional for the gym. While this might not be applicable every time you need to muster motivation, every now and then a fresh fit can make the workout worth it.

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8. Try a class

Especially for fitness beginners, classes are a great way to motivate and learn. If you’re in college, enroll in a fitness course and you’ll be forced to attend to maintain your grade. Some gyms offer a wide range of classes – from weightlifting to heated yoga. If the price point of classes feels daunting, scrounge around for some free fitness trials. Most gyms offer them so you can try out a few classes for free.

9. Fitness friends

Have a friend that is a fitness freak? Or one who wants to make gains alongside you? Either way, finding a reliable gym buddy to schedule workouts with can hold you accountable. You can trade workouts, and push each other to complete that last rep.

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Workout Routine


10. Weights.

If you’re a cardio bunny and have been adverse to walking into the weight room – now is your time. Lifting weights creates muscle more efficiently than cardio, and having a higher muscle mass also increases your metabolism. Fight your gym-timidation by watching Insta inspo and copy their form and workout.

10 Ways To Reinvent Your Workout Routine

How have you reinvented your workout routine? Comment your tips and tricks below!
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