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10 Ways To Recreate The Kendall Jenner Style

Known for her pushing-the-limits style and effortless ability to wear anything and make it look good, Kendall Jenner is the go-to celeb for fashion. Her outfits instantly become trends and are recreated all over the world by girls who idolize her undeniable sense of style. Copying her outfits can be a bit challenging at times though, considering most of us don’t have hundreds, even thousands of dollars to drop on a simple tank top. That’s why we did a little digging and found some pretty affordable options to help you recreate the Kyle Jenner style.

1. Baring it All

If you have the confidence to pull off this one, hats off to you. This style is edgy and incredibly sexy; showing just the right amount of skin (although grandma might disagree). Slick your hair back in a ponytail and don a red lip to complete this look.


2. Matchy Matchy

Matching separates were huge this year and I’m not sure if Kendall Jenner is wearing one because of this, or if it’s the other way around. Either way, she looks gorgeously chic in this elegant 2 piece. Throw on a pair of aviators to tone down the look so it’s casual enough to wear during the day.


3. Barely There

While I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing this bralette on its own (unless, of course, you’re at a music festival), it’s definitely worth of showing off under a deep v tee. Kendall Jenner steps up the look with a wide brimmed hat, circle glasses and a big, chunky choker.


4. Bringing Back the 90s

Again, this trend is spreading like wildfire…and we’re pretty sure it all started with this lady. While chokers of every variety are definitely in right now, stick to a thick, black band to pull off this favorite Kendall Jenner style.


5. Midriff Exposed

No this is not the same choker from above – this one’s actually connected to the shirt, a style that is dominating the fashion scene right now. Opting for a length that shows a bit of tummy creates a sultry vibe that can still look pretty casual if paired with the right accessories.


6. In the Nude

Unless you ARE Kendall Jenner, I would advise to wear a bra with this one (or at least some stickies)…but that’s totally up to you. This is one Kendall Jenner style that’s easiest to replicate; just throw on a nude dress, slip on some sneaks and you’ve created an uber trendy look in seconds.


7. Keeping Cozy

A great style to steal for the cooler fall and winter months, Kendall adds a touch of edginess to her bulky knit turtleneck with tight, leather leggings. The white sneakers help balance out the entire outfit.


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8. Straight Out of the 50s

Another fashion trend we’ve been seeing a lot of is off the shoulder, so it would only make sense that Kendall Jenner has been spotted wearing such. She threw it back to the 50s by adding a cute neck scarf, cat eye sunglasses and a bright red lip.


9. Simple and Sexy

Bodysuits are the perfect compliment to high-waisted pants, especially when they are detailed with a super low neckline. Showing off all the right curves, this outfit is ideal for a hot night on the town. (And leave it to Kendall to make white sneakers look sexy.)


10. All Bundled Up

Even when it’s freezing, Kendall Jenner manages to like suave AF. While many of us could potentially look homeless in this getup, it’s still worth a shot.


Which Kendall Jenner style is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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