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9 Ways To Really Ace Your Job Interview

9 Ways To Really Ace Your Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be an anxious and nerve-wracking time. There is a range of things you must consider – what are you wearing, what you are saying, what do you know about the company, how are you going to answer their questions. No matter whether it is your first or your twentieth job interview, here are 9 ways to really ace your job interview. By trying some of these ways, you will feel prepared when your job interview comes around!

1. Doing Research Beforehand

No matter whether it is a group interview or a traditional interview, doing research beforehand is key. You will be prepared when the interviewer asks something about the company. Look at the company’s website, their LinkedIn profile and news articles, this will give you information about the company.

2. Prepare An Introduction

Often in interviews, you will be asked to introduce yourself. To save yourself some time and pressure of thinking at the moment, by memorising a self-introduction it will make you feel more relaxed. Especially when first impressions are important to a job interview.


3. Prepare Questions

During a point in the interview, the hiring manager will ask whether you have any questions of your own. By asking a thoughtful and unique question, it will leave a great first impression. Don’t ask no questions or a bad and clueless question.

9 Ways To Really Ace Your Job Interview

4. Be Nice To Everyone

You never know the person standing next to you in the elevator may be your hiring manager. The receptionist might be telling the hiring manager their first impression of you when you arrive. Make sure you are nice to everyone when you arrive in the building, you never know who will be interviewing you.


5. Listen

By listening, you will gather handy information and will leave the impression on the hiring manager you do indeed listen. Hiring managers get a lot from the first interview and think about whether you will suit in their work culture. If you talk non-stop, they may not want to hire you…

6. Practice

Going for job interviews can make individuals nervous and stressed. If you are one of those people, preparing beforehand may not only make you feel at ease but give you an edge over those who don’t prepare. When practising, you can make sure you reference certain topics and feel comfortable talking. It may feel awkward practising, but it will pay off!

7. Honesty

You got through the door on your resume. If you lied on your resume or lie in the interview, the hiring manager may end up seeing right through you. Focus on being honest rather than what you think the interview wants to hear.

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8. Dress The Part

No matter what type of interview you are going to, dressing the part will help you make a good impression. It doesn’t matter whether you walk into the door and everyone is wearing jeans. Looking professional is vital to impress.

9 Ways To Really Ace Your Job Interview


9. Be Yourself

Remember in the job interview to be yourself. Don’t try too hard but don’t come off emotionless. This will make you look like a robot and give a horrible first impression. A hiring manager is looking for a great fit for the company and the role on offer. You don’t want to pretend you are someone you are not and end up having to play that person if you end up getting hired.

9 Ways To Really Ace Your Job Interview

Ace the next job interview coming up be feeling prepared through these tips. If you have tried some of these tips, let us know in the comments below!

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