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10 Ways To Re-Vamp Your Space Without Breaking The Bank

Re-Vamp your space without it being expensive! Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend your entire paycheck when re-decorating your living space! Whether you are a broke college student or a recent college grad with a tight budget, you can still make small changes that will make a big difference in your home!

Here are some easy ways to change up your living space without spending too much money!

1. Start with adding something green to brighten up your space!

Succulents, flowers, and trees are all fair game! While this might sound simplistic or generic, adding some real or fake plants can alter the appearance of any room. Not only are plants affordable, but they come in various sizes which can fit in the smallest of spaces! If you choose to purchase real plants, make sure you know exactly where you want to put them and check to ensure they can survive in the amount of light they will receive! In case you do not have a green thumb, there are many artificial plants that look really realistic!

2. Want to add something with a fun texture or pattern to a room? Buy a new rug!

They are not the most exciting home purchase, but they are a simple way to re-vamp any space! Rugs can increase your safety, hide any spots, stains, or scratches on your carpet or flooring, and tie a room together! They may not be fun to shop for, but there are so many choices, styles, and sizes, you are bound to enjoy yourself just a little in the process. No matter what your reason is for purchasing a rug, it will add vibrancy wherever you lay it down! Make sure to shop around before spending your money in order to get the best deal. 

3. One of the easiest changes to make to your space is adding wall art!

The possibilities are endless! You can keep it inexpensive and simply print out some pictures to make a collage on your wall! For a more elevated look, you could frame some of the pictures and arrange them that way! If you do not trust yourself to find cohesive pictures, you can find fun frames or pieces of artwork at various department stores! Make sure to hunt for coupons and wait for a sale to get the best deal and make the most of your money. 

4. Take a risk if you can to splurge on a new accent piece!

Re-vamping your space could mean buying a new piece of furniture! Maybe there is an empty corner, begging to be filled with a lush chair or you need an end table to put your take-out and drink on while you watch TV from the comfort of your couch! You cannot go wrong with adding a new piece to your furniture family to completely transform your space! There are so many ways to buy lamps, sofas, lamps, and tables inexpensively you are bound to find something you will love in your price range! Even a bold-colored ottoman can make a difference and add more seating for when friends and family visit. 

5. Since the best things in life are free…rotate decor you already own!

Maybe you love the painting in your bathroom so much that you want others to see it more often! Move it to the living room or kitchen to spruce things up! You can rotate picture frames, plants, pillows, blankets, and more throughout your space to give each room a fresh, new look. Do not forget to check your storage spaces for more pieces you might have forgotten about. Go ahead and dust them off before giving them a new place to stay!

6. Feeling crafty? Try a couple of DIYs to elevate some items you already own!

Want to add a little something to a piece that does not quite fit? Maybe some chairs need a fresh coat of paint? Or maybe you want to go for it and paint an accent wall! The sky is the limit for DIY projects and you can control how much you spend! Make sure to adhere to the restrictions of your lease (unless you own your space) while revamping your space! There is a project for everyone regardless of skill level and you will certainly have fun in the process. 

7. Add some cute storage containers to organize your space and hide the mess!

Having a clean space is more satisfying and eye-appealing than clutter everywhere! Even if you keep everything neat, it is still nice to have places to hide things when cleaning up in a hurry. One of the great things about storage containers and shelves is that they take up space and look aesthetically pleasing! You can add some cute decorations to the shelves to help incorporate them more into the room they are in too!

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8. While having cute trinkets all over your surfaces might look nice, they make your space appear cluttered!

While the temptation to cover every flat surface and the walls with home decor, you are doing your space a disservice! Try reducing the amount of smaller decorations except for your favorites to give your shelves, tables, and walls a bit of a break. Your space will look more airy and open as a result! When you are ready to change things up, you can rotate your decorations accordingly. 

9. Try a sofa cover to give your living room a new look!

This is perhaps one of the least expensive ways to change something big in your space! Furniture is expensive and sofas especially endure a great deal of wear and tear throughout their lives. So while purchasing a new one may not be an option for everyone, buying a cover for the sofa you already have is an affordable alternative! There are so many styles, textures, and patterns to choose from, you cannot go wrong with this simple hack. 

10. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with buying more accent pillows!

Not everyone is a fan of them but they are an easy way to dress up any room! Whether you want to add some more to your bed, a comfy chair, or your sofa, they are an easy way to add vibrancy for a low price. If you know where to look, you can buy some at very affordable prices!

What are your favorite ways to re-vamp your space? Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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