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6 Ways To Reuse Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of

6 Ways To Reuse Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of

We are constantly being told being shop more sustainably – and rightly so! The retail industry is slowly becoming an environmental and ethical disaster, but there are ways to help! As well as shopping from more sustainable brands, we can simply consume less! That means finding ways in which we can either mend/modify our own clothes, or re-using them in a way that doesn’t involve them ending up in the trash. Here are 6 Ways To Reuse Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of:

1. Take them to a tailor/seamstress

Depending on the quality of the garment, and how well you treat the garment, things do fall apart every now and then. So rather than throwing them out, take them to your local seamstress or tailor. It’s relatively cheap to have something taken in/repaired (depending on the garment of course) and if you take in multiple pieces, you’re more likely to receive a discount from the tailor. It’s a great way to extend the life of your clothing by consuming less and saving more!

6 Ways To Re-Use Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of

2.Stuff Pillows/Cushions

Of course, there are some clothes that are so destroyed that they’re beyond any sort of repair. That doesn’t mean they need to go in the trash – there are ways of suing old clothing that don’t involve being reused as actual clothing item. A great way to reuse old clothes, or any sort of material, is as extra stuffing for pillows and cushions. Soft materials such as wool or some polyester blends are good for pillows, and stiffer materials such as linens and denims are good for larger scatter cushions – or even outdoor cushions.

3. Cut into pieces and use a cleaning cloths

As well as stuffing cushions, some materials are as great as cleaning cloths. By all means, using an old shirt as a dishcloth may not be the most practical, but some T-shirts make excellent surface cloths for kitchen and household use. Just cut the T-shirt into equal, square pieces and use as needed. Not only does this save the T-shirt from being thrown away, but it also saves you buying extra cleaning cloths – plus these ones are reusable!

4. Reuse buttons/zips/fastenings

It’s just so annoying when your favourite shirt loses a button. Or when the zip on your favourite pair of jeans breaks. Having a spare stash of buttons and fastenings is always a good idea, and instead of buying them brand new from the store, just take them from your old/unwanted clothes. Not only are you saving money, but you’re also reusing materials you already have at hand. If you really aren’t comfortable with repairing your own clothes you can easily take them, along with you fastening, to a seamstress for a reasonable price. However, there are no many free tutorials online, why not give it a go yourself? It’s easier than you think!

6 Ways To Re-Use Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of

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5. Cute Gift Making

Sock Bunnies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but re-using the material of your unwanted clothes in order to make toys/trinkets/keyrings is a cute idea. It’s also a great way to practise and improve your sewing skills (ready for when you actually want to start adjusting your own clothes) Homemade gifts are way more special than anything store-bought, so get creative!

6. Turn it into a new item!

If an item of clothing just isn’t working for you anymore, don’t be quick to throw it out. Instead, try making something new out of it. That old pair of ripped jeans that are just too ripped to wear may make the perfect pair of shorts for the summer. Or that old button up shirt that’s seen better days, may make the cutest cropped top! If a garment has enough material, there are numerous ways in which it can be reused as something else completely!

6 Ways To Re-Use Old Clothes You Should Be Aware Of

Remember, there are SO many ways you can reuse your old, unwanted clothing. Get creative! Tell us about your old-clothing style hacks in the comments.

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