10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

Self-confidence in your everyday life is sometimes a struggle and even hard to come by somedays. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or just feel like you need and extra boost of self-confidence for your night out, there are simple ways you can practice self-confidence everyday. By changing your perspective on situations, you can change the outcome of your actions. Self-confidence comes from self believe with-in. Discover the ways you can find that inner self-confidence so that it shines where ever you go!

1) Inner-Dialog 

Your inner dialog is so important for your self-confidence because these are the conversations that really determine how you view yourself daily. Your inner conversations are a reflection of your confidence in yourself. For example, look at yourself in the mirror. What are you thinking? Listen to yourself on how you react when you face your reflection. Are you proud of what you see? Is your inner dialog critiquing yourself. Are you uncomfortable with facing your reflection? Start to listen to your inner dialog more closely. When you are in a place that makes you anxious and feel less self-confidant, listen to your inner dialog. The narrative that you tell yourself can make an imprint of your confidence. After listening to your inner-narrative, how can you tell yourself a different story? Consciously listen and respond. When you look at yourself in the mirror, have your inner-dialog pump you up. Tell yourself how confident you look. Complement yourself. You are fully in control of your inner narrative. No one else can speak for your inner dialog. Own your inner-narrative. 

2) Outer-Dialog 

Just like your inner-dialog, your outer-dialog is just as important. How you do you talk about yourself to others? Are your conversations with other people respectful when it comes to talking about yourself? When you are practicing self-confidence, become more aware of how you treat yourself in conversation. “I am good at this”. “I can do this”. “I know that this is something I will become better at”. Verbalize your self-confidence. Make it true for yourself. A huge part of this is accepting complements. How do you respond to complements? Do you deny a complement to seem humble? There is a way to still be humble, kind, AND self-confidant. If someone says “you look great today”, instead of saying “no, you look great.”, say “Thank you, I feel really great today”. Receive the complement. People aren’t fishing for you to quickly respond with a complement about them.    

10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday    

3) Reflect 

I hope you are beginning to realize that the best way to kindle self-confidence is by taking time for self-reflection. What is making you feel insecure? What is hindering your ability to become self-confidant? Sometimes, it’s really hard to face yourself in reflection. Take baby steps. Set aside a few minutes of your day alone to journal about how you are feeling. Face yourself. Spending time alone with yourself can be difficult and sometimes even scary ad uncomfortable. Force it. The more you become accustom to being with yourself, you actually begin to get to know who you are better. It will become easier to face yourself the more you do it. Getting to know yourself through reflection is extremely helpful when you are practicing self-confidence because you need to know yourself first before being confidant in yourself. It’s hard to be confident in something (someone) you don’t know very well. Know yourself through reflection! 

10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

4) Treat Yo’ Self

Self love and self confidence go hand-in-hand. Treating yourself with care is very important. If you like to be outdoors, make sure that you give yourself the time to be outside. If you enjoy creating, make you have time to create! Self-confidence means that you have self-love. Take care of yourself mentally and physically. 

5) Face The Demons 

What is stopping you from moving forward? What is in the way of your self-confidence? Forgive. Go there. Clean it up. Apologize. Get the help. Cry it out. Send the letter. Face your demons. You will be free if you face them. A lot of time it is scary and hard to face the demons on your own. Get the help! Therapy is great. Talk them out with professional listeners. This will light your self-confidence fire within you. Be free!  

10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

6) The Way You Walk

How do you walk into a crowded room? Reflect on how you walk and hold your body. How you hold your body really affects your self-confidence. For example, how do you walk around the airport? No one really cares around you how you walk and you will never see these people again in your life. Walk confident at the airport for you. It feels good. Walk in self-confidence. Shoulders high, chest out, rested face, smile at others, uncross your arms, chin up. Dance if you want to.  

10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

7) Clothing

Clothing matters, but in in the way that people judge you. The biggest revelation is that no-one actually cares what you look like. No one except your body and self-confidence. Dress in clothing that makes you feel amazing. Clothing is a huge factor in self-confidence. If your feeling fly, you’ll walk in self-confidence. You do not have to spend millions of dollars on a new closet. You can be comfortable and feel fly. Try new styles. Make a fashion Pinterest board. Take note in how you look and feel. Do you feel self-confidant in that Hawaiian shirt? Own that Hawaiian shirt! 

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10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

8) Music

Listen to music that makes you feel like a self-confidant boss. Make a playlist that pumps you up for that interview. Music is a way of creatively expressing yourself. 

9) Find Your People

Surround yourself with people who lift you up. A great way to figure out if you are with positive people for your self-confidence is by reflecting how how you feel right after being around those people. Do they make you smile and you feel like you are confident and energized? Those are probably really positive people to surround yourself with. If you leave a conversation with people feeling insecure, not confident, tired from trying to impress, or crappy and you can’t even explain why, then those are probably not positive people to surround yourself with. A great way to find new people if you need some people is by going outside of your comfort zone and joining a new community. Volunteering, community events, social events, and new communities are all great ideas to find new people. If there are a few people in your life that make you feel that way, invest more time in them.    

10) You Are 100% In Charge Of Your Confidence 

No one else is in charge of how you feel. This is the most important idea in self-confidence. Your confidence is yours! Don’t give the control to others. If you have given it to others, grab the control back. While surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good is really important, don’t let them be the source of you confidence. That is a freedom that is awful to give up. Your self-confidence is yours. Others can fill you up, but also have the ability to fill yourself up.  

10 Ways To Practice Self-Confidence Everyday

You’ve got this! But you don’t need me to tell you that you can do this because YOU know that you can do this. Al little self-confidence practice everyday goes a long way. Let us know how you practice self-confidence in the comments!

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