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9 Ways To Pose Like An Instagram Model

9 Ways To Pose Like An Instagram Model

Are you looking for ways to beautify your Instagram? Here are 9 ways to pose like an Instagram model that will totally help your Insta aesthetic.

It seems like every girl on Instagram who has more than 1000 followers is somehow a model. Does Tyra Banks come knocking on these women’s door and give each of them an America’s Next Instagram Model crash course? Honestly, it appears that way. How do they arch their backs, stare sultrily into the camera and have perfect skin and hair all the time? Truly, there must be a secret. And that secret is most likely looking at fashion magazines and copying other beautiful women. You don’t have to be Kendall Jenner to take a good picture. You just have to know how to pose your body in order to look like you belong on the cover of Vogue like Kendall Jenner. Take note of these 9 ways to pose like an Instagram model so you can copy in your next Insta post.

1. The Candid Insta

You’re going to need a very patient photographer for this one. Get someone who can make you laugh and who you feel natural with to go spend an hour or two snapping away!

2. The Chill Sitting Insta

There are two types of ways to sit like an Instagram model, and this is the first one. Spread your legs and lean back like you don’t have a care in the world. This pose is great for looking like a total badass.



3. The Poised Sitting Insta

Here’s the other way to sit. With this pose, you’re going to want to sit up straight and cross those legs. This one is for the ~ladies~ out there!



4. The Squatting Insta

It only takes about three scrolls on the Instagram explore page before you see someone in this pose. It’s great for showing off a sick pair of shoes or for just looking like a cool girl.

5. The Far-Off Look Insta

This pose makes you look ethereal and effortless. Just do any pose you would normally do, but look off camera. This one of the most simple ways to pose like an Instagram model! Super easy and super cute!

6. The Over-The-Shoulder Insta

Here’s another incredibly popular pose. This one is perfect for if you’re trying to show off your booty or a dress with a strappy back!

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7. The Straight On Insta

100%, without a doubt, this is the most important pose to learn. Standing straight on, looking right down the lens with a sense of power and conviction will always be a great photo.

8. The Mirror Pic Insta

If you ever just need to show off your outfit, but there’s no one around to snap a picture for you, this is the pose for you. This is also awesome because you’re in control of both sides of the photo, so you have to chance to perfect the shot!


These 9 ways to pose like an Instagram model are a must see!

9. The Silly Selfie Insta

Selfies are the best and the worst. Everyone hates on them because if you take a selfie then your vain. But honestly screw that! If you want to take a picture of yourself who cares, do you! Silly selfies are unique in the way that they show off some personality and it’s not all about looking pretty.

Are you going to try out these ways to pose like an Instagram model? Let us know in the comments below!

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