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10 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

10 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

10 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

Whether it is your dorm, off-campus, or on-campus apartment, personalizing your living space is one of the first exciting ventures into adulthood and college life. You get the opportunity to let your charisma and personal charms come to life in your own domain without having to worry about parent, or guardian, approval. Here’s some unique, yet simple ways you can make you living space feel very much like you.

1. Artwork

One of the most popularized ways to left your personal taste be reflective in your living space is Artwork. Artwork can be in the form of paintings, drawings, photography, band posters, tapestries, or wall decals, just to name a few. Pick things that will express you interest and taste so at first glance a lot can be told about you just from your artwork.

8 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

2. Books

No print is not dead. While e-readers are a convenient way to take your favorite stories with you, books are still a cozy novelty to own and speak on you as a persona. Whether you enjoy art history, murder mysteries, poetry, or romantic vampire novels, a display of books outwardly expresses you interest and serve as conversational pieces.

3. Plants

Health and vitalization are energies we all need in our living space, and luckily for us nature offers us treasures that help circulate and purify the indoor air, and can help boost your mood and reduce stress. Having an indoor plant can unknowingly personalize your living space. Plants come in all shapes, sizes, forms and species, so there is a plentiful of options of choosing the right plant for you. Cacti, succulents, and figs are low-maintenance options that can give your space personality.

4. Lights

Standard lighting is a thing of the past. Lighting is powerful in setting the mood and has the most flexible means of controlling the personality and statement of your living space. Peculiar lamps that come in many material shapes. Desk lamps, shelf lamps, neon signs and fairy lights are a few options that can create a staple in you personalized living space. 

8 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

5. Carpet

Carpeting is a large accent that can turn a plain, uncomfortable flooring into a homey and vitalized space. It’s a large enough piece that can really make a statement for you as a person. Will you good bold with unique patterns and colorful hues, or with you go minimalistic with distinct textures?

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6. Pillows

Pillows can serves a nice decor that can help to create a makeshift couches or even be used as comfortable lounging material for the floor when you have plenty of friends over. Pillows with clever saying with “coffee humor,” or a sparkly eye-catching texture is a great way to personalize your space. Pillows with display photos or a soft texture of faux-fur can provide the right sense of expression.

7. Scents

Catering to all your senses is the optimum way to personalize your living space. Comforting scents give your space a personal ambiance that caters to more than just sight and touch. Sweet, husky, ad floral, are scents that can give off a personalized feel and mood for your living space. Incense, candles, oils, and diffusers are some of the mediums to deliver such scents. Aromatherapy is personal vitalization.

8. DIY

What better way to let your personalized living space showcase you characteristic by having something you actually made a part of the decor. DIY projects for artwork, organization, zany project pieces, or decor can help turn any ordinary space into a personalized one. Painting colorful picture frames, creating your own headboard for your bed, string art, a makeshift jewelry display, or even a wonky cork board collage are many DIY projects that can give you are space the personal touches it needs.

8 Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

What are fun ways you personalize your own living space? Tell us in the comments below!

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