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8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor

8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor

Having ways to personalize dorm decor is so important when you want your dorm room to be cute and homey! Here are some of the best ways!

Having ways to personalize dorm decor is a must. Moving into your new dorm is so exciting, this is the place that you will be spending the next 3 years developing and growing into your own identity. Moving away from home can be scary, homesickness can set in and you can start to feel lonely in your own room. This is why it is so important to make your dorm room feel like home, bringing your personality into your room! Here are 8 ways to personalize dorm decor!

8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor

1. Wall of Photos From Home

The easiest way to remember friends and families is to have their faces splashed out in your room. Having pictures printed and having a collage on your wall is the simplest way to have an insight into home before you fall asleep and when you wake up! There are many cheap websites out there that can print these photos, or you can go old school and develop some polaroids of candid shots!


2. Fairy lights, Bunting, Fairy lights

Fairy lights make any room look more romantic and chilled. You can scatter these around your bed or notice boards to add a little bit of personal decoration you’re your dorm room! Many Universities don’t allow fairy lights in their dorms, this just means you’ll have to be inventive and try things like bunting! Union jack, colourful or rainbow, try some bunting hung around you room and it will make the whole area feel warmer and friendlier!

3. Lots of Books From Home

This is a simple way to add some personalized décor into your University dorm, bringing some specially chosen books from home will give the element of hand chosen literature to your shelves! These can be important books to you, maybe leaving presents or special editions, their presence will uplift your room and make it feel instantly more homely.

8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor


4. Plant Décor

If in doubt, buy plants! Plants and flowers are affordable and a brilliant way to make your room feel more personalized and homely. If you are bad with looking after wildlife then try something like a cactus which will need minimal watering, or even something like an aloe vera which will come in handy too!

5. Beautiful Bedding

Bedding, bedding, bedding! Bedding is the most underrated personalized decoration in the dorm room! Try mixing things up with different coloured throws, cushions and duvets. Try websites like Urban Outfitters or Primark for some Indie bedding, this will spice up your room immediately and also give you somewhere that is comfortable and homely.

8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor


6. Rugs To Spice Up The Floors

A key to personalised décor is thinking about things like the… floor? Using rugs, cowhides and sheepskins to decorate rooms is a great idea, it can hide the ugly dorm carpeting and also give you major points for style. You can find greats rugs online and even have them delivered to your dorm room so you don’t have to ship them there!

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7. Candles and Scents

Come Winter, Candles are a fantastic way to warm your room and give it an amazing scent. If you take a candle from home it will even relax you into your dorm room, giving it a homely feel before you’ve even settled in! Try different scents as well, an infuser can make your room and clothes smell nice without the risk of candles if your dorm doesn’t allow it. This is one of the best ways to personalize dorm decor!

8 Ways To Personalize Dorm Decor

8. Music, Record Players, Vinyls

To feel comfortable in your dorm room it has to feel like yours, a great way to facilitate this is to have speakers or a record player so you can play your favourite tracks right from your room. If you have a vintage soul you can invest in vinyls and start a collection with a record player!

These are some of the best personalization techniques for your University room! University can be a scary experience without feeling at home in your dorm room which is why it is so important to make a space that you feel comfortable in! Try out some of these tactics and see what works for you, sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impact in a room like your University dorm room.

Don’t see your favourite personalization technique for your dorm room? How do you personalize dorm decor? Comment below!
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