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6 Ways to Organize your Life When it’s Chaotic

6 Ways to Organize your Life When it’s Chaotic

6 Ways to Organize your Life When it’s Chaotic

Life can be crazy at times! When we are going through things and things may seem out of order, it’s hard to keep on track with life. Nevertheless, we still have responsibilities that we are obligated to and we have to deliver. I know for myself, in the last few years my life has been up and down with different situations. This is where I’ve taken into account that whenever I felt a mess on the inside, my life was a mess on the outside. This impacted the way I saw my belongings and the way I saw myself.

I know firsthand that it’s not always easy to set aside troubles and maintain a routine. Organization is a big factor, however, in being successful and a productive young adult. Organizing your life can vary in time because we are all different and situations affect us differently. There are some key techniques to apply that can help you get started if not be totally successful in claiming back your life! Don’t get too down in the dumps! This list will help you start piecing your life back together in no time!

Have a calendar/goal board.

By having your goals and task written out for you to see, it helps you stay organized. Trying to memorize things is not always effective because we can forget even the smallest task. If you have numerous goals and tasks to do this can create a big problem as far as staying the course. I’ve been in situations where I took mental note of some tasks and totally forgot because of an unforeseen circumstance. It happens to everyone, even the most memorable people.


By purchasing a calendar or even poster boards to keep track of your task is a great solution to staying organized. All you’ll need to do is look at their placement on your calendar and get started. This has helped me so much because I would forget things because of being stressed. When I decided to start writing out my actual goals and task, it was easier to accomplish what I had to do.

Take a breather.

Staying organized during a chaotic time is very hard especially when you feel crunched for time! I’ve been there and still be there at times. This can cause overwhelming stress on you and actually make you trip up and fumble the ball sometimes. If there is no time to evaluate and think clearly, then that’s when mistakes can be made. The more mistakes, the more problems to fix and the more stress you feel. It will be an ongoing cycle that possibly hinders you altogether.

Have no fear, a break is here! Taking a step back can do wonders in your decision-making as well as organization skills. This can be the option you needed to take when things first start getting chaotic. It’s ok to take a break when needed, in fact, don’t think twice when choosing it.


Organize your priorities.

This organizational skill is super important! When life hits us at times, it knocks our priorities all out of order. It’s understandable, especially going through something traumatic. Emotions run high and so our rationality isn’t at its best. Don’t worry, we are humans and this is a normal occurrence when it comes to our responses. So if you find you are not organized in life or in your space, I can bet your mind is also unorganized.

Oganize your priorities in the order of which are more important. Handling your most important priorities ensures that you are making enough time and effort to get the ball rolling in the right direction. A feeling of accomplishment is a good indicator that you are handling your business and organized it in a way that helps you. Organize them, work on them and make sure you complete them.

Make time for enjoyable activities.

Make time for something you enjoy! This can look different for everyone because we all have different interests. If you are all work and no play, this can dull your life and ambition to organize your life. How many people have you seen become miserable because they don’t take time for wants? I have seen quite a few and almost went down that road myself. It is not fun to be unorganized, stressed, and going out of your mind.


Organizing your time to make room for pleasure is important. We all need some recreational time to let loose and breathe. Don’t feel bad about prioritizing some fun into the chaos. Organizing your life can be fun and fulfilling, so think about some things to do that will relieve the stress off your shoulders.

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Make a day-to-day routine.

Routines are an efficient way to get things done and organize your life in a meaningful way. When we are living day to day in chaos, time gets wasted or utilized not to its full potential. I’ve found myself waste time on unimportant matters while straying away from the important ones. This can have bad ramifications because we leave no time to handle our real business.


By making a day-to-day routine, time is being valued and used to a greater potential. You spend less time trying to figure out your day because it’s already organized. Of course, make necessary adjustments but a basis should be made to suit all days.

Be flexible.

Yes! Be flexible! Situations are unforeseen sometimes and adapting to them is our best bet. So bending your schedule can help you stay on task and stay organized. This is an underrated step due to the panic or emotions that come with chaos. Don’t worry, moving strategically can help improve a situation by a mile!

Know that life is not always going to pan out the way we plan. It will have its own twist and turns. Don’t let that stop you from being an organized and joyful being who can conquer anything!


Which tip do you think is helpful? What do you do to stay organized? What experience helped you to realize the importance of organization? Let us know in the comments.

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