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10 Ways To Organize Your Art Room

10 Ways To Organize Your Art Room

One of the biggest prides in my house is my art room. It’s a place where I can draw, paint, and sew. But with all of those things going on, it is so important to keep it organized. I have played with so many ideas. Here are 10 ways to organize your art room.

1.) Paper Storage using Magazine Files.

Depending on your definition of art room, using magazine files to hold quantities of paper is a clean cut way to keep your art room organized.  Whether it is scrap paper, crafting paper, inspirational photos or ideas, or like me, I use magazine files to hold sewing patterns. They can go up on a shelf or under a table to be stored out of the way.

2.) Paint Brush Storage

There are many ways to store paintbrushes. I have tried almost every technique, and this one seems to be my favorite. Some ideas are to have tiny holes for each paintbrush to be stored in but lets face it, when you are painting and you’re switching between styles and paintbrushes, you don’t want to have to put things back exactly the way they were, and this solution is a quick, easy way to put them back, to let them dry and wait until you need them again.  You can use rocks, marbles or sand.


3.) Wine Rack Storage

I also used this idea when I organized my art room. Finding a unique wine bottle stand and putting open cups in it to organize your pencils or markers or even paint brushes. It leaves the options right in front of you when you are working and is very clean cut and organized.

4.) Glass and Clear storage

Glass jars are a great way to organize your art room. Especially if your art room is not typically drawing or painting. If it is crafting, you can put buttons, stickers, crayons, markers, chalk, charcoal, erasers etc. It makes a colorful display and easy access to certain items. The other things I love about glass and clear containers is that you can always see what’s inside, so you’re not digging through each box. 

5.) Picture Frames: Storage and Display

Using a big picture frame or collection of picture frames is a great way to organize your art room. Simply attach yarn or ribbon from one side to the other and hang 2-4 clothes pins across. It makes a great drying station for pieces of work that need to air dry, or it also makes a great way to hang work for decoration but also change it out relatively easy.


6.) Velcro Paint Storage

One way to organize your art room is to attach your paint tubes to something via Velcro. Whether it’s cork board, a picture frame, a pegboard, or shelf, this would eliminate them getting lost or knocked over.  It also helps if you want to hang them upside so the paint can be right where you want it to be when you are ready to use it.  

7.)  Ribbon and Hooks

Spools of ribbon and tape have never been easier to hang than using simple adhesive hooks and small rods. This gives you the ability to put them anywhere in the room that is convenient or out of the way and gives you easy access to take them off without unhooking a lot of things in the process.  

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8.) Spinning Cabinet and Rolling Carts.

If you have a small space one option to organize your art room is a spinning cabinet or rolling cart. Both take up a small space and can offer lots of storage. If you use the roll cart, you can move it around the room from your drawing or crafting station over to your easel or have another area in the room where it gets stored when not in use.  

9.) Keurig Cup Stand.

Another option for paint tubes is a Keurig Cup Carousel. It allows you to store paint in a small space and have a lazy-susan option. Simply put the color of the paint on the end so it’s easy to find which color you need. If you are like me and have too much paint to use one carousel, find another way to store the majority of the paint and only use the carousel when you are working on a certain project with a certain amount of paint. It is also a great tool for storing small containers filled with beads, buttons, or glitter. 

10.) Peg Boards

Peg boards have been around forever. When I think of a peg board, I always think of my grandmother’s craft sales. But now there are so many ways to upscale a peg board. For one thing, PAINT the whole peg board. Pick a solid color to pop some color in your art room or come up with a fun pattern the brighten up the place. After that, you have so many options of hanging baskets, shelves, scissors or decoration on it. This helps if you don’t have a lot of space or places for shelves or cubbies.


Craft Room? Art Room? How many of these ideas jump out to you? Will they fit your style? Or your craft? Well,  go on. Get crafting. You know you can’t wait to reinvent your creative side.

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