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Top 10 Ways To Market Yourself After College

Top 10 Ways To Market Yourself After College

Whether you’re a recent grad or someone who just hasn’t had much luck finding that job of your dreams yet, You need to know how to market yourself. With that in mind, here are the top 10 ways to market yourself after college.

1) Career Center

Once you’re out of college, the first thing you need to do is get back in touch with your college. Every single college has a career program set up to help their currently enrolled students, and their graduates figure out their job scene. More often than not, the career center can be a great resource for you to be able to learn how to promote yourself and get in contact with the people that have the potential to get you started in the field of work you’re going for.

2) Networking

Talk to everyone! You never know who is going to have that family member or friend who has a spot to fill in their workforce that might just be right up your alley. Whether its through social media or simply staying in touch with old professors/teachers. Keep your presence forward in the minds of people that you know so that you have this network of people ready to bring you a tip-off on someplace that might be great for you to start working. That way, through this method not only, are you marketing yourself, but others are also marketing you to other people.

Top 10 Ways To Market Yourself After College

3) Leadership Experience

If you really, want to market yourself and make yourself seem like exactly what someone is looking for-get leadership experience. Whether it’s starting up a volunteer program or taking on some projects that need to be organized, get yourself to the head of it and show you have what it takes to keep the ship afloat. The reason why leadership experience is so important is that it’s a general gauge of your character and how you manage factors or work. This is huge when it comes to a desirable marketing point and what many jobs will benefit from, by having you around.

4) Portfolio

While you have a network of people who market yourself to other sources, make the job easier on them. Having a nice organized portfolio of your success and achievements lets people know that you are serious. And on top of that, it grants credibility for yourself outside of any recommendations that anyone has said in your name. Furthermore, this is a good topic to bring up with that career center I mentioned, they are absolute geniuses when it comes to making you look good through well written and organized documents.

5) Social media

Just like all the other networking methods to market yourself-get out to as many people as possible with social media. List skills and traits about yourself in your social media profiles, let people get to know who you are and what you bring to the table as soon as they even remotely hear about you. What’s great about this is that nowadays there are so many kinds of social media that you have endless options to choose how to market yourself.

Top 10 Ways To Market Yourself After College

6) Blogging

No matter what you think you know, it doesn’t matter much to people until they see it for themselves. Starting a blog and getting your mind out on display is a wonderful way to market yourself. And on top of that, you can use social media to promote the links to wherever you are doing your blogging in the first place. It is a constant build of your network to market yourself, never forget that. Furthermore, this is a time for you to write about the skills and passions you achieved by going through school and life and how it affected you. And if writing isn’t your thing then you are more than welcome to do audio blogging and project your voice and ideas out to the people you want to notice you.

7) Build an Attitude

What I mean by this is don’t get disheartened. When trying to market yourself you always want o to be confident in knowing that you are awesome! You can be modest and respectable to the fact that you are starting out, but you just finished the last standard schooling in your life no matter what you got something out of it. So don’t get disheartened when no’s come back from job applications. Keep your confidence and keep your attitude, it will only make you look better in person when you get to market yourself face to face.

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8) Internship

While I know you want to find your dream job and start getting paid off for all that schooling and training you went through, sometimes it pays to be patient. If you want to market yourself, you need more experience-an internship is what will get that for you. Never think of it as more schooling, think of it as getting your foot in the door.

9) Youtube

While you can have a portfolio to market yourself, it’s hard to put your character on paper. People want to meet potential employees for their company. They want to know your character alongside your achievements, having a youtube channel can help get your character and your voice out there to the people that have the jobs for you.

Top 10 Ways To Market Yourself After College

10) Job Fairs

Many companies or park districts have job fairs quite regularly throughout the year. If you really want to market yourself, go to one or multiple. Those are the events where you can get the people you meet and want to work for your portfolio and your character. It is the best way for you to get a closer judgment and reaction to who you are to employers and what you may need to work on if anything.

Have you done any of these tips before to market yourself? If not I highly recommend them. tell us down in the comments below what has worked for you and if you try any of these great tips.

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