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15 Ways To Manage Classes This Semester

15 Ways To Manage Classes This Semester

Classes can be a source of stress, and that stress can be overwhelming. With this in mind, developing tools and methods to keep stress levels down, can result in above-average grades, and breezing through the semester without any trouble! Stay tuned for 15 ways to manage stress this semester.

1. Exercise

Many of us in college, do not have the time to workout 30 minutes a day, or even some weeks we may not have time for 30 minutes a week! However, you’ll find that going for a jog, or hitting the gym even if its 15 minutes or so, will help decrease stress and help you feel more relaxed. Exercise increases endorphins, so I would highly encourage taking a step back and try to aim for at least once a week, just to clear your head! This will have a stronger impact on your academic performance, as there are so many benefits to exercise. Reports have stated that exercise can decrease anxiety and depression, as well as decrease the risk of many illnesses, including diabetes and certain types of cancers. Exercise has a profound benefit to our mental health as well, and there are so many great forms of workouts where you may not need to go far!

2. Write Everything Down

Seriously, this will make a huge difference. When classes pick up in the middle of the semester, and you feel like everything is due at once, (and we’ve all been there), writing everything down will save you. Break them into categories, “English- Math-…” and so on, and even color-code them, so you have a clear breakdown of what is due, and when it is due. This will help you stay organized!


3. Make A Schedule

Similar to writing everything down, creating a schedule for yourself will help ease the pressure and stress that classes put on you. For instance, if you commit to Monday night study night, set aside some time to do work on that day, and stick to it. If Friday nights are your off nights, stick to that, so that your routine is consistent.

4. Have Fun

Yeah, you read that right. One way to manage classes and the stress that comes with school is to have fun. On the weekends. If you don’t allow yourself some down-time, you’ll find that the stress just builds and builds with no way for relief. Make Friday and Saturday nights for fun, and the rest for school/ study time, and that golden rule should help balance out the workload!

15 Ways To Manage Classes This Semester


5. Tutoring

This tip may be a huge yawn, but hey, it will almost guarantee you pass. If nothing else, you can do your homework/ schoolwork with the tutor and be sure to get full credit, and the professor will surely be more generous with grading if he/she knows you are trying.

6. Be Realistic

We’ve all had semesters where we have to redeem ourselves from prior bad grades. We get it, but the important thing is to be realistic and simple with expectations. For example, I set out once to get straight A’s, and while that is great, I ended up getting straight B’s. Funny, but if you adjust your goals to a more realistic mindset, you won’t be as hard on yourself.

7. Take Breaks

One important way to manage stress this semester is by taking breaks. Allow yourself snack time, a walk around the library, or a chat with friends. Utilize your support systems – boyfriends, friends, classmates, etc.


8. Group Study

For this tip, emphasis on the study part. We all enjoy laughing with our friends or a group of classmates in the library, but if you can keep it productive, group study sessions can be really beneficial. Since your all in the same class, you probably all have the same questions.

15 Ways To Manage Classes This Semester

9. Stay Organized

When it comes to managing classes, especially at the more stressful points in the semester, you will thank me for this. By keeping all of your notebooks, paperwork, folders, and binders organized with fresh notes and color-coding different subjects, you’ll be so happy when you need to look for something. Plus, if you keep your room clean and more organized it makes a good place to study!


15 Ways To Manage Classes This Semester

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10. Ask Questions

Everyone has questions in your classes, your not the only one! One of the best ways to manage classes is to frequently ask questions. This will keep you on the professor’s good list because it will show your actively paying attention and applying yourself. Can’t hurt!


11. Get Plenty Of Sleep

I know it may seem boring, but this has a sure impact. Getting between 7-8 hours of sleep a night will not only have you feeling well-rested but also will help prepare you mentally for all of the stress that comes with classes. You’ll feel more alert and motivated to conquer the day’s objectives!

12. Get Ahead

One sure way to beat the stress of schoolwork is by getting ahead. Pick a week or day that you don’t have much due, and set aside an hour or so here and there to get started on your final research paper, or a term project you’ve been avoiding. Whatever the case may be, this will help you, I promise. That way it becomes one less thing you have to worry about come finals week!

13. Don’t Procrastinate

Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times. I know it’s annoying to hear, but this is true. Procrastinating and taking breaks are two different things, just remember that. It is OK to give yourself a break and go to the mall for an hour, but if you do this every night then it may be time to stop and think!


14. Stay Hydrated

Drink up! This semester avoid 2pm crashes or caffeine crashes. Bring plenty of water with you wherever you go, and keep drinking throughout the day. You’ll see the benefits in your skin, too!

15. Limit Distraction

For the last tip with managing classes, make sure to avoid any and all distractions. Try to sit in the front or towards the front of the class, and when it comes to studying time, try to hit the library instead of your room. These small changes can make a huge difference!

I hope everyone enjoyed my article! Comment below which tip was your favorite, and thank you for reading!

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