10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

With over seven billion people in the world, it isn’t very surprising that it can be challenging to get yourself to stand out amongst everyone else. This predicament is especially troublesome when the lovebug has crept in and you are overcome with wanting to be noticed by the apple of your eye – your crush. Of course, it is always important to be yourself (after all, you are the only you that there is and ever will be), but getting your crush to notice you and want more of you around can require some tips and tricks. Luckily, this list of things to practice, exude, and do will undoubtedly make you irresistible to your crush, so take out some paper and pencil and get ready to take some life-changing notes! I should warn you though, this might make your crush absolutely obsessed with you.

1. Confidence

We often hear that “confidence is key,” but in this case, it couldn’t be more true. There is something about knowing what you want and going for it that makes people pleasantly surprised and greatly impressed. With life being as confusing as it already is, it is a breath of fresh air for someone to come around and uncomplicate things by being clear about their intentions. Confidence shows that you hold high self-worth too since you are going out on a whim, seemingly without apprehension that you might not be good enough. High self-worth implies strong self-love which inadvertently lets your crush know that you are ready to build a relationship since one can only properly love others once they have learned to love themselves. Additionally, the confidence of letting your crush know that you are interested in them is likely to make them more interested in you. This follows the law of reciprocity which simply states that people feel more inclined to mimic the same gestures that are shown to them. Aside from that, confidence is just flat-out attractive. Knowing what you want and going for it is powerful, and something about owning your power is just downright hot.

2. Eye Contact

The reason that eye contact is so alluring is that it feels so intimate. In fact, it can feel so intimate that, when made unintentionally, it can lead to feelings of awkwardness. Luckily though, you can use the intimate feeling created by eye contact to your advantage with your crush. You might be asking yourself, “How?” Well, the eyes are known to be the windows to the soul so if you want your crush to feel as though you two are soulmates, you must forge that connection through the use of your eyes. This should be done subtlely. Do not make him feel like he is participating in a staring contest. Instead, hold eye contact when one of you is talking or even connect eyes from across the room. Making eye contact with someone builds a feeling of closeness and it is a simple action that can be performed at any time.

3. Sense of Humor

You can get away with having many differences with your crush, but it is essential that you two have a similar sense of humor. Being able to laugh together is a must if you want your crush to hang out with you more. This is because people are more inclined to spend time with someone that is able to make them smile. I mean let’s face it, nothing is worse than having to fake laugh at someone’s joke or when you leave a hangout thinking to yourself, “Man, that wasn’t really that fun.” On the other hand, when you are with someone and you are constantly laughing and goofing around with each other, you leave with a sense of light-heartedness and joy that makes you impatient to be in their presence once more. With that said, it is important to note that you can’t just up and change your sense of humor to match your crush’s. This doesn’t mean that you are hopeless in getting your crush to find you irresistible though. The more time you spend with someone, the more alike you start to become so there is a chance that you or your crush may pick up each other’s sense of humor with time.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

4.Increase Alone Time

Spending one-on-one time with your crush is important for them to really find out who you are. The more your crush gets to know you, the more likely he is to fall for you and find you irresistible. It is like when you have a best friend and you constantly want to talk to them every day. You want to be around them because you are comfortable and formed a close bond with them. In a way, they are irresistible to you. In a similar sense, you want your crush to feel that same way about you. You want them to be unable to resist spending time with you. This can only be done by becoming close to them, and that is very hard to do in a group setting. So, try to make more plans with your crush for just the two of you, and pretty soon both of you  (with some luck) will become inseparable.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

5. Subtle Physical Touch

Physical touch is the primary love language for many people. It should be done in a tasteful way as to not make your crush feel uncomfortable, but also in a flirtatious enough way to show them that you are indeed interested in them. This can be done by placing your hand on their back when you try to move past them, placing your hand on their shoulder to keep balance when you are laughing too hard, touching the back of your hands to theirs when you are walking very close together, or making a hug last a little bit longer than usual. Once you get the sense that they are comfortable with being touched by you, you can up the anty by brushing away stray pieces of hair from their face or holding their face in your hands to refocus their attention on you. The subtle physical touches can be done in public which is convenient, and it is sure to make your crush think of you in a more romantic way. Plus, if your crush is already into you, this will make them want to grab you and love you even more.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

6. Independence

There is something irresistible about someone that wants you but doesn’t need you. When you rely on someone too much for something, whether it be support, money, companionship, happiness, love, etc., it can be too much for a person to handle. It is a lot of pressure and, frankly, it is unfair to ask someone to fill a void for you. Your crush should add to your already full life so that if things don’t work out somewhere along the road in the future, then your life isn’t completely derailed. Being independent gives your crush the feeling that they get to do something for you rather than have to do something for you. It makes them feel that you like them for who they are rather than what they can do for you. Also, being independent and having a full life on your own makes you more interesting. At the end of the day when you two hang out, you’ll have things to share. You can talk about the adventures shared with your friends and the ups and downs of work with your crush. You will enable your crush to feel like a partner – someone you can confide in, joke with, lean on, and be affectionate with – rather than a crutch.

7. Wear Red

If you ask people what color they associate romance with, you’ll most likely be met with the answer, “red.” It turns out that this has scientific backing, at least with men. According to psychologists, men, when shown the same woman wearing an assortment of colors, are reported that they were more attracted to the woman when she was wearing the color red. So if you want your crush to find you irresistibly attractive, simply raid your closet for something red. He won’t even suspect why or how he suddenly experienced an increase in attraction for you.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

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8. Scent Is Key

This might come as surprising, but did you know that there a list of scents that are said to be an aphrodisiac. The list is as follows: pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, and lavender. When someone smells good, you can’t help but want to breathe them in. If someone smells good, your view of them positively increases too. You begin to think that they are clean and take care of themselves. Lastly, our sense of smell is heavily linked to memory, so if you consistently sport a certain scent, whenever your crush smells it they will think of you.


It goes without being said that you can’t expect someone to be happy and positive 24/7. We all experience fluctuations in mood and our own set of ups and downs, but if we are being honest, it is so much more enjoyable to spend time with someone who doesn’t consistently complain or suck out the energy from the room. People like positive people. Maybe it’s because it distracts them from the problems they are going through, maybe it’s because it redirects their attention from the bad to the good, or maybe it’s because energy is contagious so being around someone that’s positive makes you positive in return, but whatever the reason is one thing is certain: positive attracts. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Happiness is irresistible, and the top way for it to be achieved is through maintaining a positive mindset. Be honest about what you are feeling, but also do your best to exude positivity through both the good and the bad times. It is good to be positive about the outcome of the future, the circumstances of the present, and the lessons of the past. It is rare to find people that are able to do that, and it will surely make you stand out to your crush.

10 Ways To Make Yourself Simply Irresistible To Any Crush

10. Vulnerability

This last one might be the most important. Vulnerability is the key factor in building the type of closeness that will make you irresistible to your crush. Vulnerability not only increases a person’s sexual attraction to you, but it also increases a person’s emotional connection to you. When you are vulnerable to someone, it makes them feel special. It makes them feel as though you trust them with your inner thoughts and feelings and it shows that you truly value what they think above all others. Vulnerability leads to relatability too. The more you relate with someone regarding thoughts, feelings, conflicts, and opinions (especially the deeper ones), the more the connection and love between you two will grow. In a sexual sense, vulnerability makes you irresistible since the satisfaction of intimacy drastically increases through blossomed and fostered emotional connection.

Any of the 10 options from this list are sure to grab the attention of your crush and I’m sure that the person you are on the inside is sure to keep their attention. Let us know which of these tricks you decide to use in the comments and make sure to post your success stories too!

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