5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

Cleaning is the task that many of us dread, and put off until we can no longer see our bedroom floors. However, it is a task that should be done regularly, in order to keep it at a manageable rate. Besides, it’s not all bad. The activity can even be fun if you apply certain techniques to your routine. Here are 5 of those methods to make the folding, sweeping and wiping process a lot more exciting!

1. Play Some Tunes

 As the old saying goes music makes everything better! A little soundtrack to your cleaning can help the clothes folding and sweeping go by a lot faster. You’re going to want to play some upbeat music, so you can clean to the rhythm of the beat. Definitely play the music on a speaker or if you use headphones to make sure they’re Bluetooth. I cannot tell you how many times I forgot I had headphones connected to my phone, and my phone went crashing to the ground, bring my ears along with the device.

5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

2. Stream A Show

You can kill two birds with one stone while cleaning; organize your room and catch up on that show you’ve been wanting to watch. Streaming while cleaning will make you not be so in tune with the nitty-gritty aspects of wiping and folding, but rather make you focus on the storylines at hand. And rather than waiting until later that watch that binge-worthy series, you can do both at the same time, allowing that other block of time to be spent doing something a tad more productive. So go ahead and stream while you clean!

5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

3. Make A List

Keeping track of what you have to clean by list-format is not only effective, but it can also be fun too. If you make a chart of what exactly you have to clean and an outline of how to organize your room, you become your own interior decorator. You can even update this list along the way with the items you find, and re-evaluating certain spaces once items are put back in their proper places. You’re far better off cleaning this way than jumping straight into the mess. Often this leads to you having a short cleaning burst and then getting bored, leaving the task abandoned until you find the time another day.

5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

4. Take Breaks And Look At Your Discoveries

Whenever you clean, you’re bound to come across items you forgot about. I know when I clean my closet I find articles of clothing I had forgotten about entirely. So when you do come across such items, make sure to take breaks to fully realize what you found. If its clothes, try them on to see if they still fit.  If it’s electronics, test their functioning power. By doing so, you break up the time, making it seem not as tiresome of a task than it is, which in turn allows you to do more cleaning!

5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

5. Clean With A Friend

Everything is always more fun with friends around, so why not clean together! Cleaning with a friend makes the process go by much faster as it is two hands instead of one. Also, simply by having your friend in the same presence, the time goes by a lot faster as well. If you aren’t focused on what you’re doing each minute of the cleaning the task is far less tedious. Your friend may even be able to suggest some tips or organization ideas you never thought of before!

 5 Ways To Make Your Weekly Cleaning Routine A Little More Fun

Can you think of any other ways to make cleaning a little more fun? Share with us in the comments section!

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