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11 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

11 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

Tiny bathrooms don’t have to be portals to hell. If you rent or can’t bring yourself to spend several paychecks on a bathroom renovation this list is perfect for you. A small bathroom will never be the personal spa of your dreams but it can at least feel a bit bigger with these tips.

1. Paint

Painting is important and if you can repaint your bathroom you should definitely go for it. There are definitely people out there who will paint your bathroom for you if you don’t feel like getting up close and personal with your toilet.

2. Clean

The biggest of bathrooms will look tiny and gross and dungeon like if you don’t clean.


3. White

White will brighten up your tiny bathroom like no other. Granted you will need to make sure your bathroom is kept clean, which you should be doing anyway, it’ll really pay off in the end.

11 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

4. Grey

If you’re afraid of committing to an all white bathroom try a light, barely there grey. Be really careful when you go with grey though you don’t want to go too dark.


11 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger

5. De-Clutter

This is probably one of the most important steps if not the most important steps in makingĀ  your bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. You do not want to make your bathroom cluttered with unnecesarry things. If you have an absurdly tiny bathroom consider taking anything out of it that you don’t absolutely need in there. For instance don’t keep your makeup in your bathroom. Although this may sound reductive it can actually help. Makeup can pile up quickly on a bathroom counter and make even big counters look cluttered and small. Instead put your makeup in your room so that way you can get ready outside of your bathroom.

11 Ways To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Seem Bigger


6. Light Colored Floors

Granted if you can chaange the floors you may want to invest in changing the entire bathroom. But if that isn’t possible there are ways of laying fake flooring down that will last a fairly decent time. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before any daring DIY feats.

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7. Light Colors

Do not pick dark colors for a small bathroom. Dark decor will only eat up light in the bathroom and make it appear smaller than it actually is. Go for light bathtowels, rugs and light shower curtains.


8. Mirrors

Most bathroom have mirrors but if you can swing it try switching out a tiny mirror to a giant larger floating mirror. A floating mirror will give the illusion of a much larger bathroom. And .a larger mirror will help to reflect light throughout the bathroom and distribute it ina way that it makes it look like you have a significantly larger bathroom thatn you actually do.

9. Bright Lighting

Make sure that you aren’t using soft lighting, go for vibrant white lights. Or you can even invest in a pair of smart bulbs that you can control. Just make sure they are white.

10. Keep Windows Open

I know, you may not ant to keep your bathroom windows open for obvious reasons. But natural light will make any bathroom look not like a sad little dungeon. If you have a bathroom that has access to natural light do not overlook it. If you’re afraid to expose it all in front of an open window, which is mostly everyone, consider putting a frosting coat on the window that people would be able to see it through. There are piece of papaer you can apply to windows or you can even spray it a little. It may warp the way that light comes in a little but it’s still better than light struggling to get through a pair of blinds.


11. Monochromatic

Keep it monochromatic by sticking to just one color.