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10 Ways To Make Your Tinder Profile Stand Out

There’s no denying that dating is hard. Not only are there tons of people out there all who want a variety of different sorts of relationship dynamics, but the number of people out there can be overwhelming. Thankfully dating apps like tinder have made this much easier to get into contact with more people so you can find the one. But even so, you can’t find the one if you don’t also match with a single person. So, here are ten things you can put on your Tinder profile to make sure you stand out about the crowd.

Be Yourself

It’s the thing that everyone talks about. Be yourself, and you’ll be fine. You hear it time and time again when asked about advice for dating. But it’s the truth. In reality, there’s no quick trick or easy way to have a perfect relationship. The best way to find and connect with someone that you can cultivate a genuine and honest relationship with will be the person that speaks to you to most and likes you for who you are. Besides, if you do lie about yourself in your tinder profile, not only will it be impossible to keep the lie going, but it won’t feel right. So don’t be afraid, to be honest, be open, and be yourself.

Have Pictures of You

So many times, when swiping through tinder, I see pictures of the most random thing. Sure, a meme is funny and all, but I’d much rather see a person’s face on their tinder profile than their favorite Kermit meme. Perhaps save the memes for your second or third picture, but never your first. The whole idea of the app is to get yourself out there, so if you don’t lead with the one thing that’s physically the most recognizable part of yourself, then what is even the point? If you don’t have any good pictures of yourself, don’t be afraid to ask a good friend for some help. A good pal will always make sure to get your good side.

Make Your Bio Your Own

Just like with the two prior things on this list, the emphasis here is to be the most authentic you, you can be. So get creative! I’ve seen people put their favorite pie recipe in their tinder profile bio. I’ve seen people put poetry, links to their favorite piece of art, all kinds of stuff that lets people know who they are. If you have hobbies? List it as a talking point in a starting conversation. Ask people what their go-to plan is for the zombie apocalypse, literally have fun with it. So long as it shows who you are on the inside, it’ll be sure to get someone’s attention.

Don’t Use Only Emojis

With all this said, there’s a difference between being unique and being completely nonsensical. I’ll be honest; whenever I see a list of emojis as the only thing on a tinder profile bio, I immediately swipe left. There can be nothing more disappointing than seeing a person you want to get to know, only to be greeted with a list of hieroglyphs and windings I don’t have the time to decipher. Sure, a few here and there can be cute, but I don’t have the time in my day to play Pictionary every time I see a cute face. Just keep it to a few kissy faces and heart eyes at most.

Leave The Fish At Home

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a guy in a profile picture holding a fish in their tinder profile. I genuinely don’t get it. Sure, fishing is cool, I’ve done it a few times myself with my family during the summer, but I don’t see what the fish has to do with dating. There are so many things that are interesting to me when I look at someone, and them holding up a smelly ocean creature isn’t one of them. If you want to show off your boating prowess and love for being on the water, more power to you, but perhaps put the fish in the chum bucket and show off that smile instead.

No Group Pics

It’s hard to like you if I don’t even know which one you are. Friends are lovely. Friends are some of the best blessings in our life that we can ask for. They build us up when we’re sad; they help us when we’re in trouble, they’re always there to lend a helping hand. But maybe don’t have them in your tinder profile. If you are in a group, even if it’s just two or three people, it’s near impossible to say who you are in the group. Maybe save the group bonding moments for your third or fourth pic in.

See Also

Keep It Recent

If your latest photo is from three years ago, you need to update your profile. When people see you,  they want to know the person you are currently, not someone who doesn’t exist anymore. A lot can change a person, so if you’re unsure, try to keep your profile updated every few months. Don’t be afraid to rewrite your bio, or swap a few pics in and out if they don’t seem like you anymore. Keep things up to date now and then, and you’ll be golden.

No Ex’s

There’s nothing more awkward than having someone talk about their ex on a first date. It’s uncomfortable, it’s weird, and overall, it can be a big red flag. So why would you put them in your tinder profile? Maybe it’s for the best to leave your baggage out of your first impression when you’re trying to put yourself back out there. And yes, it may be a process to try and get them out of your mind, but it is probably for the best.

Use Interesting Facts

Intellect is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have by far, and a common sign of intelligence can call a certain amount of trivia at the drop of a hat. So put in a few of your favorite fun facts in there. If nothing else, they can be a culmination of fantastic conversation starters. Being able to regale people with stories of how you’ve come to know an obscure amount of trivia at the bare minimum will make it an exciting and engaging conversation.

Talk About Your Interests

Is there something in the world that you find fascinating and find yourself rambling about for hours on end? Is there an unknown movie or book that you wish more people knew about? Is there a podcast out there that you want to you could share? List them in your tinder bio. Worse comes to worst your matches can ask about it, and you can gush all about the thing that no one has ever heard of. Or even better you can find someone who likes the same thing you do. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Do you have any advice for tinder? Comment down below to let us know!

Benji Gutsin

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