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10 Ways To Make Your Sweatpants Look Chic

Sweatpants are some of the comfiest items in our wardrobes but it can be a little tricky to dress them up and make them look cute enough to wear out in public. We came up with the perfect list of ways to make your sweatpants go from not to hot!

1. Go Fitted Rather Than Baggy

A great way to make your sweatpants look more chic is to buy them in a more fitted style. Sweatpants that are baggy give a more bulky and not out together vibe. Fitted sweatpants look more like joggers and less like something you would wear as pajamas. 

If you plan on wearing sweatpants out in public then this is always as simple idea just buy them in one size smaller. You can even buy fitted sweatpants and scrunch them up like Emily Ratajkowski to show off your socks and shoes. She accessorized fitted sweatpants perfectly if you’re looking for some inspo!

2. Wear A Dressy Top To Dress Up The Look

If you want to look chic in sweatpants then having a dressy top can do just that. The sweatpants will just make you look more casual. A great idea is to have a loose fitted blazer or coat and have a nice top underneath. It gives the look some dimension and more people will be staring at the top of your outfit rather than the bottom. 

It’s also very on trend at the moment to be mixing and matching between casual and more dressy so you’ll be right on trend if you decide to wear your sweatpants like this. 

3. Sweatpants And Heels

We think this is obvious, but heels can dress up just about anything. You could literally put on some pajamas and throw on heels and call it fashion. So if you want to do something small but look more presentable and put together than just throw on a heel with your favorite sweatpants like Riri. 

Heels also bring about a certain amount of confidence when worn that can really take everything to the next level. It’s great to have a more casual look with the sweatpants and add a feminine touch.

4. Statement Sneakers

Sneakers and sweatpants were made for each other. If you love your sweatpants and you love how casual it looks then this is the best way to wear them for you. Take advantage of the simple swear outfit and use it to throw on a statement shoe. 

There’s so many cool and colorful sneakers on the market right now and what better way to wear them than to put them with sweatpants? You’ll look cool and casual. 

5. Monochrome Look

One rule with any fashion is that if you can’t figure out what to wear then make it a monochrome look. You can never go wrong. A monochrome look always looks well thought out and put together and it will really elevate the casualness of a sweat outfit.

Take a sweat set of the same color and throw on the same color hat or the same color shoes. However you decide to wear it it’ll look so good if it’s monochrome.

6. Accessorize

The best way to make any outfit look more chic is to accessorize! Throw in a little something to the outfit, add a pop of color, throw on a fun bag! It will literally make the outfit look so put together and elevated. 

There literally couldn’t be a more perfect example of this than how Selena Gomez is wearing these sweatpants. She put on some red glasses, she layered a plain top with a denim jacket, she threw on a statement purse, and she threw her hair in a cute bun to tie it all together. 

All those extra little details matter and they really pull everything all together and make it look cohesive. She has so many small details within her out fit that you aren’t even paying attention to the fact that she’s wearing sweatpants. 

7. Play With Fabrics

An easy way to make sweatpants more chic is to buy them in different fabrics such as satin or silk. This gives them a more sophisticated and dressy feel and you still remain in total comfort. Having different fabric sweatpants almost makes them look like dress pants so you could literally wear them on a night out or to a fancy dinner and they would be perfect. 

A cute way to wear these would be with a blazer and cute bra top underneath and some heels or boots. 

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8. Jewelry For The Win

Statement jewelry will always dress up any outfit. If you have a plain sweat set like the one pictured below then this would be the best option for you. A thick necklace can will be the center of attention on something plain so everyone will be drawn to that and not to the fact that you’re wearing sweatpants. 

Not only that but statement jewelry just looks cool and is really on trend right now so you can really go crazy with it and layer chains and have cool earrings etc. 

9. Statement Top

Again, another way to draw focus everywhere but the sweatpants is to have a statement top. Something that has some fun colors would be the best look. Also if you are wearing plain sweatpants it’ll be a really great contrast between the two. 

It’s also a great way to just have some fun with your outfit. You can wear funky colors, prints, and patterns and it’ll all look great with some plain sweatpants. 

10. Lots Of Layers

Layering a jacket over your sweatsuit bring a whole new element to your outfit. If you want to go super casual you could be like Gigi Hadid and do a leather jacker. You could also do a denim jacket if you want to look more casual and relaxed. 

If you want to dress it up a bit you could do a blazer on top and throw on some heels. There’s so many way you could wear this. 

How do you rock your sweatpants? Let us know down below in the comments!

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