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5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

If you’re a salad lover or just someone who is trying to add more veggies to their diet, salads can be the main way to do so. But salads can get a bit boring sometimes. That’s why coming up with some simple ways to take your salad from boring to extravagant can be a great way to enjoy those veggies in a tasteful way. Your salad doesn’t have to be a hassle with these five ways to make your salad even yummier!

1. Add A Little Something Extra

Balsamic glaze, a little spice, bacon bits, they will all help elevate your salad and make it a bit less boring. No matter what you put on your salad, adding in a balsamic glaze some spice or bacon bits will totally change the way your salad tastes and will bring it from simple to extravagant with a pinch here and a pinch there.

I love putting balsamic glaze over spinach, feta, some tomatoes, and chicken sausage! It’s absolutely delicious and will take that regular old chicken salad with some dressing into a salad you swore you got from a restaurant.

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

2. Add Proteins Besides Chicken

Chickpeas, shrimp, salmon or steak work great on top of salads. It’ll change up the boring taste of chicken while adding some new protein options! You can add so many great dressings, types of lettuce and cheeses to your salad with a variety of proteins. It’s time to change up the taste of your salad and the first step is with a protein foundation.

I love some shrimp on my salad, it has a ton of protein and won’t overload you or feel heavy like steak can sometimes. It’ll help you stick to the health train while adding some more taste besides regular old chicken.

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

3. Great Dressings!

I used to always use balsamic dressing, but as soon as I came out of that routine I found a ton of other great dressings that will add some more flavor to your salad. I love good seasoning’s Italian dressing, making a red wine and vinegar dressing that tastes great with a green salad! I love having red wine and vinegar with cucumbers, romaine lettuce, carrots, and some chickpeas!

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

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4. Summery Salad

I love adding some fruit to my salads whether that is strawberry with feta, pecans, and spinach or chopped apples. It’ll bring in something sweet but healthy to any salad you’re looking to make! ¬†Apples with balsamic glaze on top of a salad tastes so amazing you’ll be wondering where it has been all your life.

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

5. Sweet Potato Or Butternut Squash

They seem one in the same and both make a great addition to any salad! Sweet potato adds some carbs and butternut squash gets the same feel but with more vegetable coloring so you’ll be ready to eat a rainbow of a salad. Not to mention that both options will keep you energized rather than dragging you down during the day. That is the point of a salad; to keep you healthy and feeling energized instead of making you want to take a nap! So why not choose carb options that will bring you the mid-day¬†pickup you need while tasting great?

5 Ways To Make Your Salad Even Yummier

These five salad options will take your bowl and turn it into the best salad you’ve ever had! I hope you get to try some of these options and enjoy one or all of them! each one will ensure your salad is yummy and ready to bring you all the veggie energy you’re looking for! What salad addition will you be trying? Or do you have a salad addition that you love? Let us know!

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