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11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

During a time where it is either required or strongly recommended to wear masks everywhere you go, we face the decision of wearing makeup or not daily. Some choose to opt-out altogether, since it will either rub off anyway, or no one will see half of their face anyways. Others get creative when it comes to the parts of the face others can see, or want to wear a full face simply because they want to.

If you want to ensure your makeup lasts all day under your mask, these tips are for you!

1. Quality Skincare

Every part of your morning routine is essential to making your makeup last, including your skincare! Investing in your skin is something you should always do, but especially when you will be wearing heavy makeup and have material rubbing against your skin for extended periods of time. “Maskne” is real, so you need to make sure you are using products every morning and at night that your skin loves, and will help it recover from all the makeup you are using! Don’t stress too much if you break out from your mask, there are so many others that are experiencing the same problems so there is never any judgment.


11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

2. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Choose skincare products that are extremely hydrating and moisturizing to ensure you have a great base for your daily makeup look! Whether you incorporate intense moisturizers into your morning or night routine, giving your skin the extra hydration that it needs ensures that your skin will stay happy, and not dry out. Even using a face mask before makeup application or at night before bed will help protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier! If you treat your skin well, chances are that it will behave for you.

3. Use Primer

This is absolutely essential to making makeup last underneath a mask! After quality, moisturizing skincare, primer is the next tool to ensure your makeup will not budge no matter how much your mask rubs against your face. If you are game to try out some new products or have multiple primers to choose from, opt for a long-wearing primer, preferably one that has a sticky texture when applied to your skin! Give your primer time to dry, and texturized before continuing with applying the rest of your makeup. Experiment with different primers until you find one that works best for your skin and needs!


11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

4. Use Eyeshadow Primer

While most masks will not affect your eye area, having a great base will ensure that no matter what happens to your makeup that your eye shadow will stay! Since most of us are required or are strongly encouraged to wear masks during these unique times, the only parts of our face visible to others are our eyes and forehead. Use this as an opportunity to show off your skills and wear some amazing eyeshadow looks! Any primer will do, but the stickier, the longer and more vivid your shadow will be throughout the day.

5. Use Waterproof Mascara

Depending on what time of fabric your mask is made out of, the closer it creeps to your eyes, the more likely your eyes are to become irritated. If your eyes start watering, your mascara is guaranteed to smudge at some point! Invest in a waterproof mascara to complete your eye look that will last no matter what mask you wear that day.


11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

6. Be Strategic

Intentionally use your personal makeup products, or invest in ones that you know will last! If you are going out of your way to buy new items, opt for ones that you love and can sustain some wear instead. Think about the parts of your face like your nose and beneath your eyes that will endure the most wear and add extra primer, and other products to those areas. If you know certain products do not last through a usual day, skip them for this full-coverage and long-lasting look!

7. Opt For A Full Coverage Foundation

While our first instinct for choosing a foundation might be a BB cream or a light to medium coverage foundation, this isn’t the way to go. Choose a full-coverage instead! This way, your foundation has the best chance of lasting and keeping your skin looking flawless all day long. Plus, if you opt for full coverage, you can potentially skip on concealer!

11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

8. Matte > Natural Finish

Make sure you choose a matte finish instead of a natural or dewy finish foundation! Non-matte finishes are extremely likely to smudge, smear, and disappear as soon as you put on your mask. Choosing matte ensures that your foundation can endure anything the mask throws its way! After all, you did not spend all that time on your makeup just for it to rub off immediately.

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9. Setting Powder

If you choose to utilize nothing else on this list, applying setting powder after your foundation and concealer will guarantee your makeup will last all day. Invest in a quality loose setting powder to set that foundation and stop it from transferring to the inside of your masks!

11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

10. Setting Spray

After setting powder, you can add as much or little makeup as you like until you are satisfied! To make it all as long-lasting as possible, use a matte setting spray to lock all that makeup into place for a beautiful, durable look. Experiment with setting sprays until you find one that you absolutely love!

11. Chose Your Mask Wisely

You can spend as much time as you want on your makeup, choosing the right products, and using flawless application techniques, but if you choose a mask that will only work against all of the hard work and effort you put it, it is all a waste! Plan your look around the mask you know you will be wearing or are perhaps required to wear for work, school, and more. Never sacrifice your safety for your makeup but do choose a mask that fits slightly loose! The less detailing pressed against your face, the better.

11 Ways To Make Your Makeup Last While Wearing A Mask

Which of these tips are you most looking forward to trying out? Comment your favorite tip below!