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15 Ways To Make Your Last Summer At Home The Best Yet

15 Ways To Make Your Last Summer At Home The Best Yet


The time is here and we actually grew up. Graduation is around the corner and this is finally the last summer at home. In order to maximize your time this summer while still having a blast, here’s 15 ways to make your last summer at home the best yet!

1. Try things you never thought you would do.

Find crazy new things to do that you have never done before. Tell your friends its time to get out of bed and go hike a mountain, or go to a music festival you have always wanted to go to! It’s time to try new things before life becomes about exams and surviving on a dime.

2. Get a job, but don’t work too much.

It sounds like a bummer at first, but having money to save up so you can get all those cute college clothes sounds like a fun idea. Work part time, there’s a job out there for everyone.


3.  Do a summer vlog!

Record all the fun things you do so you can always look back on the things you did before you leave. Whether it is a beach day or a trip to the amusement park, record so you can always reminisce (even if you aren’t the one to typically vlog things).

4. Reconnect with those who you’ve lost touch with.

We can’t all stay in touch with people we have met over the years. People move away and even people’s lives go on different paths. But text the friend you have been meaning to text for a couple of months, because it’s now or never. Your conversations will be endless because you have so much to catch up on.

5. Eat at the restaurants that are at home, but aren’t near your college.

Whether it be Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, or even Wing Stop, make sure you make extra stops at the restaurants you know you’re gonna crave while you are gone. Not every town has everything, and some food chains are only in certain regions. This is especially true for those who are moving cross country. Do some research and take your friends with you for some quality last meals together.


6. Speaking of food, learn to cook!

College is infamous for people learning how to survive without knowing how to cook. So learn to cook! If you do it with friends, it is fun to learn how to cook even the most basic things. Ramen gets old, and if you are trying to prevent the freshman 15, you are going to need some fresh cooked meals eventually. Thousands of recipes are on the internet, try a few sometime!

7. Go on a vacation!

Whether your vacation is one day, or one week, the vacation vibes is something you will need to have before you go off to college. If you and your family have enough, explore outside the US and look at countries will all inclusive vacations. You will have the best time in paradise. If you want to stay domestic, there are resorts all over the country to try.

8. Replace your whole closet and go on a shopping spree!

You already have to go dorm shopping, so why not go clothes shopping too? You are starting a new era in your life and that deserves all new clothes. Donate the clothes that do not fit and make room for the new clothes that make you feel the prettiest you can be.


9. DIY fun things for your dorm.

When you go dorm shopping, you tend to get the basics.But dorm walls are boring, and you are going to need some things to hang on the wall. Search up picture hacks or maybe make some art using canvas and you will be able to brighten up the dorm walls when you go to college at the end of the summer.

10. TAN!

A natural tan in the hot sun will make sure that you are glowing once you meet all the new people in your life next school year. Being tan tends to boost confidence, and you will definitely need a confidence booster once you get to college.

11. Go see the all the popular movies releasing this summer!

It is highly unlikely that when you go off to college you will want to find time to see a movie in theaters. Seeing a movie is a common practice and going off to college means you want to try new things. So this summer, make sure you go to the theaters to cherish the experience of being able to sit down and watch a movie in the theaters, because seeing movies will be few and far between once you leave.

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12. Find gifts to give to those you will miss the most.

Whether they are handmade, or even just something little from the local grocery store, it is easy to show someone you care through gift-giving. Before you leave, the people who have had a positive impact in your life should know it.

13. Take some “you time” to cherish your bed.

As much as this sounds completely unproductive, no one can take their bed to college with them. The feeling you get when you lay in your bed is something you can not replicate when you leave at the end of the summer. Dedicate some time to one of your favorite pastimes, napping.


14. Cherish your last summer with the friends that you spend all your time with.

High school showed us only few people really stick by your side throughout the hard times. So when it’s time to finally leave those few, it is hard to accept that it’s time for you to go. As much as you can, spend time with the few that you enjoy yourself around before you have to go find the college friends that will stick by your side.

15. Lastly, spend time with your family and loved ones.

Moving away is a huge adjustment, so even if you think you won’t miss them, you definitely will. You’ll miss your mom’s home cooked food, and you’ll miss your siblings regardless of how much they argue with you. If you are going 45 minutes away or 7 hours away, it’s all going to be a change we all aren’t ready for. So spend some time with those you grew up with right before you finally go.

Do you have any other things that she be done during the last summer at home!? Share in the comments below!

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