7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

For most people it can be difficult to make a rental feel like home. If your current home doesn’t really feel all that cozy consider these seven tips. They’re perfect if you can’t create the house of your dreams but still want to feel like there’s no place like home. They are great ways to make your home more cozy.

1. Paint

Painting should always be the first on your list if you’re able to do it. Although painting may seem daunting and it definitely can be if you manage to find that you’re able to paint you definitely should. Just painting a room can completely change it’s vibe and make it look completely different. If you want something that is a little cozier consider going a little darker with grey’s or grey blues. ALthough you may think that these shades will be sad or depressive they’ll actually make a room feel cleaner and significantly calmer than if it was just a crisp white room, while those can be nice a crisp white room may feel like it’s too empty which isn’t the goal you’d want to achieve if you want your home to feel cozier.

2. Framed Photos

Framed photos are another great way to make your home feel a little more personal. If you want your home more cozy don’t just hang up random photos you found at your local craft store instead consider hanging framed photos of friends and family members. It’s relatively cheap to print out your own photos from a Walgreens or even a Walmart. Also considering how almost every phone has access to a camera and to filters you can change some regular photos into black and white to make them seem a bit more professional. These frames don’t have to be expensive.

3. Candles

These are great because nothing is worse than living in a home that smells. You also don’t necesarrily have to light the candles either to make your home more cozy. Instead you can just leave the top off of candles and let them do their thing. Of course you can obviously light candles too, which is their purpose, just make sure that if you do this that you are watching a candle and not leaving the room with it lit. More clean scents will help your house feel cozy but you can also go for more sweeter scents like something that smells like cookies or gingerbread or vanilla.

4. Plants

Plants are agreat way to not just find out whether or not you’re ready for a pet but they’re a great way to make your home feel more lived in. Do your research and make sure you’re getting soemthing that you can take care of of course. If you live in a place that gets really really hot you’ll want to make sure the plant you get can survive in that climate. Also figure out what will take up a lot of your time you don’t want a plant that you’ll have to tend to a lot if you have a busy schedule. But putting plants throughout your home will make it feel more like a home and make your home more cozy.

7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

5. Blankets

Putting throw blankets over your furniture will make your home feel more cozy as well. They’ll make your home feel significantly more lived in.

7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

6. Personal Decor

This is probably the most important because you want your home to feel like it’s yours and not something out of a magazine. Incorporate your own personal taste in your home. FOr instance if you’re really into a movie or a book consider getting art work that will reflect that. It’ll also be a conversation starter.

7. Pillows

7 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

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