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5 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Bigger

5 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Bigger

5 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Bigger

College is a difficult transition for teenagers. It can be very hard to adjust to a living space away from your family. The separation causes anxiety and affects your mental state in school work. On top of managing a new lifestyle, moving is always a hassle. Sometimes, the space you’re given can add stress and worry; will everything I have fit? Did I bring too much? Will it all look like a mess? Not to worry!

With these five great ideas, your dorm room will look and feel a lot bigger and your anxiety smaller!

1. Minimal Wall Decor

This speaks to the mantra of “less is more”. Ever see a room full of posters and pictures and think, was there even a wall? Or decoration so loud and crowded that it was hard to focus on just one thing? The answer is simple. Just that: simplicity!


Tip: Pictures can always be framed or put into albums. You can keep better track of all your memories and keep them safe and not ruined. Pick your favorite posters to put on the walls that showcase your taste. Use a couple of smaller pictures or one big poster to control space.

2. White Walls

As plain as it may sound, white walls give freedom to decorate your heart out. White goes with everything and adds class and peace to your space. They give off nice relaxing energy and create a spacious feel.

Tip: Off-white paint colours like; linen and eggshell, work in this aspect as well. Their neutrality gives way to creativity. It always lets you be creative with your furniture and decorations. Darker colors to contrast the white accents the room.


3. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Who knew the greatest joy would be multi-use furniture? Using multi-use items can bring on many ideas and save so much space. Ottomans can be used as chairs, footrests, storage or even a little table! The beauty of having your own space means you can get creative on how you use it and what goes into it!

Tip: Ottomans are just the start! Coffee tables can be seats, shelves can be for knick-knacks and books and drawers can be for supplies, makeup and clothes!

4. Mirrors

Tricking the mind and eyes can work in positive ways. Illusions are one of those ways. Having a mirror on the wall gives the illusion that the room is bigger. Like in a mirror maze you’re left wondering if it is a reflection or just a wall? It’s an illusion! Use this in your favor so you can get the room you want.

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Tip: The bigger or longer the mirror, the more spacious the room can seem! Just one mirror can do loads for a room! Pick a wall (usually on the wall across from a window or the wall beside a window) to catch natural light that can easily create this illusion!

5. Natural Light

Ever notice how dull a room can be when windows are drawn? Open up and let in some natural light! When the sun comes in, it creates the illusion of space. No matter how small the window, as long as there is light coming in, the room will expand!


Tip: Sheer curtains will do but why not switch to blinds instead! They are easy to use and still allow enough light to come in!

Using these simple yet effective options brings you one step closer to having the space that can bring you the comfort of home and creates a safe haven. It finally feels like home!

Do you have any other tips and tricks to make your dorm room look bigger? Share and let us know!

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