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10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozier

10 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozier

Everybody loves a cozy bedroom. In fact, is it even a bedroom if you can’t snuggle into the blankets with a good book and cup of tea? A bedroom should be a safe-haven, a refuge from the crazy world we live in. Making your bedroom cozier will be a breeze with these simple yet fabulous ideas!

1. Put The Bed In A Corner

My husband and I had recently moved into a new apartment and I was determined to make my bedroom look “classy” and “hip”. I begged him to let us try the bed in the center of the room because it felt more impressive. I  planned to get matching nightstands for either side of the bed and I would finally be the “Pinterest Wife”. What we learned? You can’t have something that’s “hip” and “cozy”. After a short two months we ended up shoving our bed back into the corner and haven’t gone back. You should to.


2. Buy More Pillows

And no, I don’t mean pillows you can’t use because their “nice”. I mean go to your nearest Target or Fred Meyer and purchase the softest, fluffiest pillows they have. Buy 2, or 3 or maybe even 4. Put a pillow case on them and toss them on the bed. Instant Cozy. Now, if you want to sprawl across your bed there is no searching for a pillow.

3. Get A Second-Hand Fluffy Blanket

The standard American bed-set that consumers are sold include a fitted sheet, a flat top sheet and a ridiculously heavy and cumbersome duvet or quilt. They are pricey (sometimes as high as $200) and I would argue the opposite of cozy. Cozy is messy and mismatched. Take a best-friend or partner and raid the blanket section of your nearest second-hand store. Find one with a story. Maybe even get more than one! Once washed and on your bed, you’ll be surprised how much cozier your bedroom feels!


4. Buy A Diffuser

A key element to a cozy is bedroom is the smell. Even if all your decor screams “snuggle” if the smell says, “These dirty socks have been here for days” the cozy factor disappears. Essential oils are all the rage now with their many health benefits and ease of use. Find a few of your favorite cozy scents like Pine, Lavender, or Peppermint, buy a diffuser and enjoy the health benefits as well as a cozier bedroom.

5. Hang a Curtain Or Flag

Doors are stiff and uninviting. You should get rid of them all-together. There are so many options for a doorway like homemade curtains or a flag of your choice that will make your bedroom feel more welcoming and cozy in a heartbeat. My husband and I have been sporting a pirate flag in our doorway and absolutely love it. What will you use?

6. Get A Headboard

Sometimes the idea of a headboard can feel expensive but they don’t have to be! There are so many cheap, simple, and homemade options when it comes to headboards. Having something on the wall to look at that brings you joy can make a bedroom feels 10 times cozier than just a blank wall. You could try Macrame, Pallets, or even a scroll with your favorite quote!


7. Hang Twinkle Lights

Lighting is crucial in any bedroom. Normal bedroom lighting is often a stark white that casts a glare on everything around. Not to mention bedroom lights are normally in the center of the ceiling making the corners feel dark and cold rather warm and cozy. Twinkle lights are not only fairly cheap, but also easy to put up. You can wrap them around the entire room or make a cozy nook. Or refering to the last option, use them as a headboard! You will love basking in their warm glow on quiet nights. If twinkle lights aren’t an option, you can try the alternative and get multiple warm-glow lamps and place them strategically around your room. Either way, you are greeted with a warm and welcoming glow!

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8. Move Into A Smaller Bedroom

The smaller the space, the cozier it feels. This is true even from childhood when we used to hide in cozy places like cupboards or under tables. These small spaces can be filled with magic so much easier than large spaces, especially if you are on a budget. Large rooms often feel like they need to be filled with furniture to make them cozy. But by the time you fill them with all the furniture you want, oftentimes you just end up with a room that feels cluttered. Try down-sizing to a smaller room. By doing so, you eliminate the need for excessive amounts of furniture and are able to pick and chose just those key pieces that will make you feel right at home! 

9. Buy More Plants

House plants have a variety of health benefits and can improve your overall well-being, but besides that make any room feel cozier. Why limit them to the main living areas?  There are multiple ways to add plants to your bedroom whether you hang them from the ceiling, gets tons of little pots fo, or get a small indoor tree! Your local nursery is bound to  have plenty of great indoor plants along with care-instructions including where best to put them depending on your light source. Be sure to check them out!


10. Create A Little Library

Let’s face it. Books are cozy. Too often we put our bookshelves in other rooms, especially living rooms or school rooms. But rarely do we put our libraries in our bedroom. Get a small bookshelf, maybe only 2 or 3 shelves and find copies of your favorite books. They can be dusty old tomes, your favorite novels or even picture books and poetry books. Set up the little bookshelf in your bedroom and put a candle or two and maybe a framed photo of your favorite author on top to finish. 

What are some of your favorite ideas to cozy-up your bedroom? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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