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10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

In 2019, we are all very much aware of the dangers of plastic waste. Although lots of us are making small changes to fight against plastic pollution such as reusable water bottles and keep cups, there are still a lot of products being overlooked that cause just as much damage to the Earth. 

To tackle plastic pollution, we need to scrutinise each element of our lifestyle to try to reduce our plastic waste in any way that we can. A good place to start is in the bathroom, where you will be able to find huge amounts of single-use plastic. Here are ten things that you can do to work towards a completely plastic free bathroom and do your part to fight against plastic pollution! 

1. Bamboo Toothbrush 

Every three months we are buying new toothbrushes to replace our old, used ones. Although this is good for our dental health, we need to consider the environmental impact of such quick consumption of these plastic products. It is estimated that around one billion plastic toothbrushes each year in the US alone are ending up in landfills. 

Replacing your toothbrush regularly is important so to avoid contributing to even more plastic pollution, buy yourself a bamboo toothbrush instead. These are very inexpensive – you can find them in stores or online for as little as £3. This is a super easy change to make in your life to reduce your plastic waste. It is just as effective as any other plastic toothbrush, but the biodegradable material that it is made from means that it will compost in around six months, compared to the hundreds of years that it will take a plastic toothbrush to do so. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

2. Bar Soap 

Another step that you can make towards achieving a plastic free bathroom is  switching your bottled shower gel to bar soap. Plastic shower gel bottles are a huge contributor to plastic pollution that we barely even notice, so making a switch to bar soap instead is definitely necessary. Most bar soaps come in paper wrapping that can be recycled to reduce your plastic waste. Also, bar soaps are generally much better for your skin as they are not as harsh as manufactured shower gels. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

3. Safety Razor 

Plastic free shaving is so easy. Instead of the plastic razors that really only last a few uses, try switching to a safety razor that allows you to simply switch out the blades when needed. This will not only make a positive impact on plastic pollution, but will be much more cost effective for you in the long run as you will not have to replace your razor so often. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

4. Reusable Period Products 

Whether it’s biodegradable tampons, reusable pads or a menstrual cups, there are plenty of ways to avoid contributing to plastic waste when you are on your period. Again, these kind of products are not only environmentally friendly but will be more cost effective as you can reuse them rather than replacing them. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

5. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars 

Just as shower gels can be replaced with bar soap to work towards a bathroom that is completely plastic free, shampoo and conditioner can be bought in bar form. Again, buying products such as these avoids the plastic bottles that bathroom products often come in which make a huge contribution to plastic waste. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

6. Refillable Jars 

Refillable glass jars are another great way to reduce the amount of plastic waste in your bathroom. Instead of buying so many small bottles of soaps and other products, purchase one large container that is not made from plastic which you can then decant into glass jars in your bathroom when needed. This applies to shower gels, shampoos, conditioners as well as hand soap. Not only will this reduce your plastic waste, but they look great in your bathroom too! 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

7. Biodegradable Cotton Swabs 

It is so easy to go through cotton swabs quickly and constantly be replacing your supply – another source of plastic waste that often goes unnoticed. The next time that you are purchasing a packet, take a look at all of the supermarket shelves and try to find some biodegradable cotton swabs, made of paper or cardboard rather than plastic. This means that even if you go through these products at a fast rate, you are not contributing to plastic pollution. 

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10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

8. Wooden Comb 

Purchasing a wooden comb is another super easy and effortless way to make your bathroom plastic free. Products such as these are slowly becoming more and more popular and if people continue to buy these plastic alternatives, we can work towards making major reductions in the plastic products that are manufactured. Also, wooden combs are much better for your hair as they do not brush through it so harshly. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

9. Environmental Cleaning Products 

Many cleaning products that you can buy in stores are full of toxic chemicals that have a very negative impact on the environment, as well as being found in plastic bottles. From certain stores, or online, you can purchase products that are more environmentally friendly, contain cleaner ingredients and are found in biodegradable packaging. Or, you can start making your own cleaning products. There are thousands or recipes and ideas online for producing your own cleaning ingredients so you can ensure only clean ingredients are used and you can decant them into non-plastic containers that can be continually reused!

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

10. Biodegradable Floss 

Although it is so small in size, huge amounts of plastic floss is used and thrown away into landfills each year across the globe. It can often be overlooked as a plastic product as it is so easy to just drop a tiny piece of plastic in the bin, but it has just as much of an impact as any other plastic waste. Instead, try purchasing some biodegradable floss that will compost in a few months rather than few hundred years. 

10 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Completely Plastic Free

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