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Ways To Make Money When You Don’t Have A Job

Ways To Make Money When You Don’t Have A Job

Money is important. It may be why you decided to go Pre-Med instead of major in Classics. And for us who majored in liberal studies, we’re living the dream and counting our pennies as the days pass. I graduated college two years ago. And as a Government major at a liberal arts school, I had to build side hustles to start some personal cashflow. My experience out there in the real world will help ya.

I can help you be more in the moment when you’re fretting about graduating with an expensive wallet in your bag without money to put in it. The internet is chock-full of opportunities for you to earn money while you are applying to jobs. What I always like to remember is that getting money is NEVER easy unless it is given to you. The easy part is what I’m giving you right now.


below, I’m giving you several methods, websites and apps that are waiting to pay you for your business. Make your own dough and spend it how you please by using these…


  • Be patient on your road to the ca$h. Unless the money is give to you, it won’t be easy to get.
  • One thing I learned is that companies and your future customers are just like you: no matter how much money they may have, they’ll be hesitant want to spend it. You have to prove to them that you’re worth it.
  • You’ll never make what you believe you’re worth. Even when I entered the workforce and had a consistent paycheck, I didn’t think my pay was worth the effort I put in everyday. After I spoke with friends making over $100K out of college, they told me the same thing. Even my parents comment that they don’t get paid enough. Because we use our own time in exchange for money, we may never think we’ll receive the amount that we’re worth. The takeaway? Remember this.

Walk Dogs

You like dogs? Sorry, stupid question. and Wag! offer you a reliable side hustle and smiles all the while. After you get off your 9-5, spend some time making money while you relax after a long day.


Spare Change?

Start collecting. It really pays to keep a jar of your change. 



You can make $55/hr tutoring!

After I graduated college, I had no job and lived with my parents: what every girl looks for in a man. I used what I learned at school (writing, politics and study skills) and taught it to people that would pay me. How did I find my students? I enrolled on In short, it’s Hinge for tutoring. You create a profile, enter your desired hourly rate, your education experience and several other factors that potential customers look for in someone to teach them things. Then, you’ll be notified if someone wants you. has an excellent Skype/FaceTime feature, and you may visit your student in person.


Sell Electronics

Old electronics may be more common around your house than you think. If they’re just taking up space in your place, think about offering them to another face. They’ll give you cash. The credible website that I have used for my used iPhones and tablets is Click here for several other websites that will give you cash for your used electronics.

The process is simple. They’ll send you a box and you send it back to them with your device in it. Then, a check will be in the mail. This process because is fast and reliable. You do not have to deal with people on websites asking you to change your price and you do not have to worry about making the drop-off in person. Ship that old iPhone off, collect your coin, and move onto your next scheme.


Sit On Your Computer pays you to review products you may already use. These include consumer products like electronics, shoes, and umbrellas. Just go on the website and review away!

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Drive Your Car

Now this does require leaving the house, but it will not be as restrictive as your job search currently is. A car is a critical tool that can earn you some coin. If you have one sitting idle in the driveway, consider driving for Uber, Lyft or Via. If you don’t like people that much, think about doing UberEats, GrubHub, or any other food delivery service. It’s also a way to keep your mind and body active during the day.

Rent Your Personal Car

Like an Air B&B for your car, GetAround and Turo are apps that help you earn money when you aren’t using your car. Maybe you’ll be on vacation for a month. Or maybe you’ll be on vacation for like the 9 months when you’re in college. You can specify the parameters so that you rent your car out only when you’re not using it. See if renting-out your wheels for cash is something you’d like to do.


Watch TV

Similar to SurveryJunkie, pays you to watch TV shows and review them. I mean how perfect is this?

Sell Your Gift Cards

I super fucks with this option of making money. Ship your cards to them, and they will send you a check in the mail. The only downside is no one give you 100% cash value for your gift cards. You can try to sell yours yourself, but as I’ve mentioned before, it takes a long time. Collect your 8-25% less of the card value and move on. I have sold my gift cards at local Gift Cards for Cash stores, and online sources as well. Try CardKangaroo or CardCash.


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