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5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

Life has its moments, that many refer to as those “do or die” experiences. Most people are content with their day to day lifestyle, but over time life forces everyone to change. As I rang in the New Year, I felt inspired to create a helpful post about, the ways I discovered in 2018 to make a little extra money. When I decided to move across the country from Atlanta to Los Angeles, I set out seeking experience and more opportunity. As you can see I’m a writer, and my theory is, the bigger the city equals the more opportunity both monetarily and creatively, simple right? Not so much, because yes you have more opportunity, but as opportunity come so will it’s challenges. Living in Los Angeles, I like many others had to find multiple sources of income to live comfortably.

Here are 5 ways to increase your income in a major city.

Casting Calls

I was introduced to Los Angeles as a city full of actors or at least aspiring actors. Meaning don’t believe everything you see or hear, but realistically if you’re in the entertainment or media field, there’s a 90+% chance that your career will intertwine with television and acting. I always assumed I would be more established before getting involved in television, but this summer it became somewhat of a part time job. In Los Angeles everyday there’s a casting call for background work, commercials, extras etc… and there’s a plethora of companies and agencies that can create even a full-time job for aspiring actors. I kept it simple and joined sites like surkus and standing room only, as an extra or audience member for several tv shows. Those are the two sites I mainly used, and I’ve made up to $200 a week, without being fully dedicated, and it’s also a great way to meet people in the entertainment industry.


Another source of income that comes in handy from time to time is Postmates. Although their rates have decreased since I initially started, it still can help you manage your income. All the money I used for daily living expenses such as: food and gas, is easily replaced in only 5 deliveries. Five deliveries on average will take about 2 hours or less, and you’ll profit about $20 or more. If you do that daily, that’s an additional $500+ a month, and unless you’re making 6 figures, I guarantee that you have 2hrs a day of spare time. Although I would never recommend doing Postmates as a full-time job unless you’re completely without income.

5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

Job Apps

Another thing I’ve learned while exploring ways to make money is that there are apps for almost everything!  Wonolo is an app that I recently discovered for jobs that are available within your distance. Using apps like wonolo, blue crew, instawork and more, are easily accessible. The standard  resume and application aren’t required, and you’re paid daily as an independent contractor, meaning taxes won’t be deducted. These are labor jobs with an average pay of $15 an hour, that you’re not bound to, giving you the opportunity to create your own schedule.

Uber & Lyft

Uber & Lyft have become one of the most common sources of secondary, and for others primary income. Although I’ve never used either driving services, because my driving record sucks, thousands or maybe millions are using Uber as their primary and secondary source of income. In cities like Los Angeles and New York the opportunity for more income increases, of course because of the amount of people living in these large cities. I have a few friends who are drivers, that would say $75 is a “bad” night of driving. If you average $75 a day is equivalent to 30hr a week part time job.

5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

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Photography can easily become a full-time or part-time income for almost anyone, especially living in Los Angeles. As I said before, Los Angeles is full of actors, entertainers and business owners that need headshots. After you make the initial investment of the camera, the rest is just making yourself accessible to the opportunity. The average headshot takes about 10-30mins and cost about $100, your profit depends solely on your ambition. However, I would recommend doing a couple test and free shoots to build your portfolio.

5 Ways To Make Money In Los Angeles

No one knows where life will take them, and although I knew that before 2018, last year I truly grasped the concept. Money comes and goes, but the important thing is learning how to withstand whatever obstacles life throws you. In 2018 I learned how to balance working vs what I am working towards.

Is multiple sources of income a must in 2019? What are some ways you make extra money?

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