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10 Ways To Make Friends In A New City

10 Ways To Make Friends In A New City


Making friends is probably one of the things that got harder as we age. Remember when we were in kindergarten and you simply went up to people and say “let’s be friends!”.  Well that probably ain’t happening again. So here you are in a new city, how are you going to tackle this hundred-million-dollar question “how to make friends in a new city”?  We got you girl, here are ten ways to make new friends.

1. Join classes, cooking, spinning, dancing, yoga… you name it!

Joining classes is a fool-proofed way to meet new people who have the same interests as you do! Meet new people from around the city while you try cooking that casserole together. Who knows, you might have some serious chemistry with them!


2. Be a regular.

When I was first in Toronto, I didn’t know anyone. But, being the coffeeholic I am, I hit tones of local cafes and finally settled on a few fav spots. The baristas and I talk from time to time about things from TV shows to college exams. So find your new fav spot and be a regular! The staff and other regulars there are going to be your new BFFs.


3. One word: online!

Swipe right, swipe right, swipe right… Try using online platforms such as dating apps and find yourself a (or several, I mean why not) dates. Even if you can’t find the One, chances are you will be having tones of fun exploring the city and meeting local people!


4. **Mutual friends**

Do you remember that your friend from church has a cousin living in this city? Or maybe that time the girl in your biology project went on exchange to this same city? Reach out to your friends, see if they can connect you to friends in the city!

Or you might end up hating the same person… Anyways it’s all about finding things in common right?

5. Finding a job

Not only is finding a job going to help you with the bills (I mean internet and rent and heating aren’t free right?), but it might also introduce you to a lot of new locals! If you’re still in college, try looking for a part-time job at your favourite shop, it can be that boba shop that you really like, or that brand you’ve been wearing since grade 6. You will get some working experience while meeting new people everyday! If your colleagues offer, go out for a drink with them! Or if they don’t, ask them to join you!


6. Be a good neighbour

Bake some pies and talk to your neighbours! Big cities like New York can seem a bit intimidating, and knocking on people’s door might not be your thing. But why not try something new? Acquaint yourself with your neighbours and never worry about awkward silence when you run into them in the morning!


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7. Find your new teammates

If you’re going to college in a new city, go join the clubs! Colleges have a wide range of clubs and teams, find the one(s) that interests you and join them!

8. Hit the GYM

Moving to a new city can be stressful, sweat it out at the local gym! Visit your local gym, sign up for classes, or just workout using the machines! You may bond with the girl who is struggling with that yoga pose and become instant new friends!

9. Solo bar date

Surprisingly, people tend to talk to others who are getting a drink alone. So pick a nice-looking bar and prepare to meet people! Just remember to look after your coat and purse.


10. Volunteer

If you like animals, volunteer at a local animal shelter! Not only will you be spending quality time with cute puppies and cats, you will also meet people who love them just as you do!


How do you usually make friends in a new city? Comment below!
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