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13 Ways To Make Friends After College

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

If you thought trying to meet and connect with people during college was difficult, finding friends after you graduate is even more difficult. Making friends in college is easier than it is in the real world because it is the last time you will be surrounded by people your own age in concentrated amounts. Unfortunately, with graduation comes the loss of some friends due to distance, and work.

Here are some ways you can make friends in the real world!

1. Reconnect With Old Friends

Remember those friends you were close with in high school but lost touch during college? If you are all on good terms, consider reaching out and see if they want to catch up! Worst case, they say no to grabbing coffee. At the very least, you tried your best and made the effort. Chances are, they will want to reconnect! 

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

2. Bumble BFF

So many romantic relationships happen as a result of online connections! Why not give this a try for finding some new friends? While it might sound cheesy, using apps to connect with people you might not have found otherwise can expand your opportunities for making new friends by so much more than if you depended on meeting people in real life. Even if you choose not to meet up with the new people you meet, you at least have some virtual connections that will help you improve on your people skills so you can be ready for the real world! Give Bumble BFF a solid go before rejecting it.

3. Meet Your Friends’ Friends

Extending your social circle does not have to be difficult! It can be as simple as actually spending time with people you know by name, but have not spent time with yet. Chances are, you are familiar with your friends’ friends and will probably get along well with them! It’s a stress-free way to get to know other people while having someone you already know by your side.

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

4. Be Willing To “Hang” With The Boys

While you certainly do not have to become best friends with your significant others’ friends, you should show a willingness to get to know their people! Not only is this a great way to get to know the people in their inner circle, but you will also have the chance to bond with your significant other in a different way. Showing your person that you care about getting to know their people will show your partner how much you care! Who knows, you might fit right in with everyone.

5. Talk To Your Neighbor

Yes, we live in a time where we like to go about our daily activities without talking to other people unless we absolutely have to. Take the time to get to know the people in your apartment complex or neighborhood instead of avoiding them! Keep it simple with a short greeting when you run into people in the street or hallways. You might find that you will have at least one person to connect with!

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

6. Fend Broken Fences

Perhaps there is someone from your past that you had a disagreement with and the friendship ended as a result. If this is a person you have been wanting to reach out to for some time, why not do that now? Be prepared for the situation to go positively or negatively. At the very least, you did your best to fix the mistakes of the past!

7. Deepen Current Connections

Maybe you see the same barista at your local coffee shop every morning. Make a new habit of asking how they are actually doing! Don’t hold up the line behind you, but if you are the only person waiting to order, try to strike up a conversation. It can be about anything. If this is someone you see frequently, chances are, they might be willing to engage in a real conversation or even make plans!

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

8. Befriend Your Co-workers

If you have to see these people on a daily basis, you might as well try to get to know them! While you might not have similarities or common interests with everyone, you are bound to find at least one person you get along with. As a general rule, people end up with at least one work best friend. This might not be someone you want to spend time with outside your office, but they are at least a person you can vent to or eat lunch beside!

9. Reach Out To Family Members

This might sound cheesy, but there is no shame in being close to your family! If you have a favorite aunt, uncle, or cousin that you get along with, try getting to know them better. Having older people in your life can provide new insights into things you would never have thought of before! Sometimes expanding your social circle can be a call or text away.

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13 Ways To Make Friends After College

10. Go To The Gym

Unfortunately, you cannot make friends if you do not go out of your way to go to more places! The gym is a great place to meet new people. While gym friendships can take longer to build than others, there is a comfort in knowing you will have some familiar faces whenever you head to the weights section!

11. Seek Out Adventures

If there is a trip you have always wanted to go on, do it! Be willing to put yourself out there and meet new people while you travel. Intentionally put yourself in situations where your only options are to socialize or be alone! Airplanes and airports are a great way to get to know people you would have never encountered before. Do be careful and considerate when making new friends this way. If you are getting the vibe that they do not want to talk or want to be bothered, leave them alone!

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

12. Look For Special Interest Groups

Painting, yoga, and other types of classes are a great way to meet new people! Sign up for group events where you do not know anyone. This will force you to go out of your way and talk to people you might not come across normally! The ice is already broken for you. Simply ask how they are enjoying the class, or how long they have been painting for etc.!

13. Go Out On The Weekends

Instead of having a girls’ night in, pick a new place to try out and go with your friends! Make a night of it and go out of your way to talk to people you do not know yet. Whether you choose to go somewhere you are all comfortable with, or somewhere new, you are bound to encounter new people! Make this a regular part of your week and chances are, you will connect with so many others, your social circle is bound to increase.

13 Ways To Make Friends After College

Which of these ideas would you want to try for yourself? Comment your favorite below!

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