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5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

Living the student lifestyle can be pretty rough on your finances. Between buying textbooks, paying for rent and food, and going to classes it can be pretty hard to find time to yourself, let alone money to help you treat yourself. Instead of scraping by on instant noodles to make your bank account last the full year try these five tips to help you make some extra cash as a student.

1. Work for your school

Your college is always going to have open positions for you to work, that’s just the reality of having students work for them – every year some graduate. Take advantage of the openings to get a job working in admin, at the book store or one the hundred other jobs available to students on campus. The jobs are made for students so they’ll never schedule you during class accidentally or be upset when exams come around. If you are looking for a steady job but don’t know if your schedule will work with one working for your college is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

2. Become a Brand Ambassador

Most cities will have Facebook pages dedicated to brand ambassador job postings which can help you find jobs. What exactly is a brand ambassador? Brand ambassadors are paid to represent brands in a positive light and help them increase awareness of the brand and help bump up sales. Think celebrities promoting brands on Instagram. As a student, you could be doing everything from working branded events or handing out free samples on campus, it all depends on the job. Most of the listings are for a short period of time and pay hourly so if you have a free afternoon or weekend they’re simple jobs to pick up.

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

3. Tutor high school students

Now that you’re in university you might have forgotten all the stressful studying that helped get you where you are. Take all that knowledge you have from your high school classes and help out some local students. Posting in parents groups on Facebooks with your experience, marks from high school and what your studying now and you’re guaranteed to get some messages looking for tutors. You can take on as many students as you like and set your own hours and prices.

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4. Join a dog walking app

Know how there’s an app for everything? There are numerous apps that are essentially Uber but for dog walking! Sign up as a walker, set up a profile and then start taking adorable dogs on play dates and walks. You can schedule them in advance or just pick up the app and see what dogs need walking in your area. Extra cash and dogs – sign me up right now!

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

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5. Become a Mystery Shopper

If you become a mystery shopper you’ll go into stores and restaurants with a set of things to check to see if the store is following the company guidelines or to do some market research. Basically, you get paid to go out to eat or to go shop – it’s a winner no matter how you look at it. In most cases, you can decide how much or little you work each month so how much you make is entirely up to you.

5 Ways To Make Extra Cash As A Student

*Extra Tip*

Don’t go overboard with the side jobs – it can be tempting to pick up as many shifts as you can to make some extra cash but remember your school work is most important!

How many of these student jobs would you try to make extra cash? Let us know in the comment section and feel free to recommend any jobs you think we missed!

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