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10 Ways To Maintain Your Self Care

Self care should be at the top of everyone’s priority list because at the end of the day you need to be making yourself happy. While sometimes that can feel so difficult even if you just tell yourself “I love you” it can give you even the smallest of boosts. There are a multitude of ways to make yourself feel special especially while everyone is mostly stuck at home. Self care has never been so important before.

1. Hair Care

Washing hair can feel like the biggest task. Sometimes it feels like a chore that you can procrastinate for days, but everyone has that one day where your hair cannot go unwashed any longer. Something that can boost your self care is splurging on that nice bottle of shampoo or conditioner or getting a new product that you’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Regardless of what it is, keeping your hair healthy can boost some of your happiness. 

2. Skin Care

Now more than ever you have to be in tune with what your skin needs. Having a mask on all the time can make you break out or develop skin issues that you never had before. So for some altering your skin care routine is a must. Developing a morning and night skin routine can take your self care so far because that may be the only schedule you’re running on for the month. If you’re working from home or doing school from home, the farthest you travel may be to fridge or the bathroom. Keeping yourself accountable with skin care can give you a glow and make you feel good about yourself if you’re keeping your skin how it should be.

3. Facials

Facials is definitely something that should be splurged on. Even if it’s only once a year. A facial can take your self care to the next level. Especially because all you have to do is sit there and close your eyes. Someone else does all the work for you which we can all admit is necessary sometimes. A facial can be a great way to kickstart your week or a way to escape your current reality for a little bit. It can leave you feeling refreshed and overall happier because you leave glowing. 

4. Drinking Water

It sounds so simple yet drinking enough water at times feels so difficult. Making sure that you are consuming enough water every day can give you many benefits. There is also a sense of satisfaction knowing that you hit the right amount of water intake for the day. However, don’t stress about not drinking enough water. At the end of the day sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes you want that iced coffee or glass of wine and that okay! As long as there is a balance between what you do drink within a day you will feel better and the water you do drink will help benefit the other ways you are taking care of yourself.

5. Getting Enough Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleeping? It is an escape from the world. You can enter a new realm and dream and just forget for a few hours. On the other hand, though, who doesn’t love waking up and feeling well rested? Sometimes it’s difficult to get the recommended hours of sleep but when you do boy is that nice. Which is why when you do get enough sleep it takes your self care routine through the roof. When you get enough sleep, when you wake up you have more motivation to get through your day. While it is difficult to turn your brain off at night, listening to white noise or rain sounds can help you focus your mind on something else and allow your brain to take a break and drift.

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6. Meditate

While it can seem difficult to set time aside purely for yourself. Meditating is one of the best ways to maintain your self care. It gives you time to focus on nothing more than breathing and just being at peace with yourself. It can range from as little as five minutes to an hour. It is strictly up to you which is what makes it so beautiful. You can even find guided breathing online to help you keep you focused on your body and mind rather than letting your mind wander off to other things. Afterwards, you will feel recharged and can go about your day with a different mindset. Meditation can be extremely useful especially when working or doing school from home. Making sure you keep your mind healthy and recharged can help change the outlook you have on your day.

7. Socializing

This could be a phone call, Facetime, or meeting outside somewhere to socially distance. Social interaction is so essential!! It should be apart of your daily self care routine because hearing someone else’s voice other than your own is so so needed. Even if it’s as quick as a hello, how are you? It can still have such a large impact. Having conversations with other people is beneficial for self care because it allows you to decompress. If you’re going through something you can talk it out or just listen to their day so you can forget about your own for awhile. No matter how the conversation goes, making sure you have some sort of interaction with at least one other person can help keep you sane.

8. Alone Time

When all else fails, curl up in your bed and take a nap. Turn on one of your favorite shows, Youtubers, put on music, etc., and allow yourself to drift off. Naps are also much needed for self care because sometime your brain and body just need a break. Sometimes all you have the energy for after a long day is closing your eyes for awhile and just being by yourself. Alone time is a much needed thing for most people, and a good way to spend that is just falling asleep for a few hours. It allows yourself to recharge and get that boost of energy you need to finish your day. 

What is your favorite way to utilize self care throughout your day? Let us know below!
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