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Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship And Be Happy

Ways To Maintain A Healthy Relationship And Be Happy

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship can sometimes be a struggle when you’ve never had anything to compare it too. Even when you’ve had previous relationships it can sometimes be hard to see between the lines of what is right and wrong. Make sure to keep in mind that every relationship is different, but these tips seem to be what makes up a happy and healthy relationship. 

Open, Honest, Respectful Communication

Communication is key to keeping a healthy relationship. Holding back your thoughts or feelings because of fear from the other persons response is something common in all types of relationships. The problem with this is then key information in the relationship is being withheld and there’s a possibility you can blow up after time from holding your thoughts in for so long. 

You need to understand each other’s needs and expectations so you can be on the same page, which means you have to talk to each other. Talking to each other respectfully is also important. You can’t forget your significant other has feelings too, so when expressing your thoughts make sure to keep them in mind. 


If something is bothering you then make sure to speak up right away. Waiting for it to get better when your significant other is clueless about what they are doing wrong is just a fight waiting to happen. Disagreements are natural but it is important for you two to find a compromise on whatever the issue is. 

Finally, communication is key to a healthy relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to share every little detail about your life with your significant other. Respect their privacy and they will do the same to you. Healthy relationships need space. 


Go The Extra Mile

Romance can sometimes be forgotten when being in a relationship for a long time. Make sure to reassure your significant other how much they mean to you. Don’t always assume ‘they know I love them’ because with that mindset the love in the relationship can dwindle.

Everyone needs a boost now and then. Write your loved one a letter for their day, call them to tell them you love them or even plan a romantic date! It could be something as simple as a picnic in the park, or a movie night at home. Those little gestures show that you still care and want to go the extra mile to make them happy. 


Don’t let Jealousy Win

Jealousy seems to always make its way in there as one of the problems with relationships. Jealousy ties in with communication and trust. If you don’t have those two things then there is no way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Jealousy can take over your mind and make you assume the worst of your partner. Letting that mindset of worry and jealousy go can make a relationship be so much happier. 

Worrying about your partner cheating on you because of a previous relationship is not fair to your partner. It’s okay to have those worries at first because you are scared it will happen again, but maintaining positive thoughts will allow your new relationship to grow so much more. 

Jealousy can ruin relationships at times, so make sure you’re not holding onto the past and putting it into your future. Keeping a level head and really thinking about your feelings and if they are logical to the moment can help make a healthy relationship. 


Don’t Make Them Your Punching Bag

Everyone has bad days and there is nothing wrong with that, but when you start to take your anger or frustration out on your partner then you could be threatening your relationship. It’s okay to talk to your partner about your difficult day, but don’t take it out on them. Giving your partner the cold shoulder, or yelling at them because you’re mad about something else isn’t fair to your partner. 

Not to mention no one likes a negative Nancy and being in a bad mood can get old. Your partner may put up with the negativity, but it isn’t fair for them to do that. Taking some alone time and breathing deeply can help you relax and think about how you’re feeling. That way when you see your partner you’re in a better mood and save a potential argument. 

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Laugh & Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Laughing can relax your whole body and not to mention it just feels good. Finding someone that can make you laugh and always have a good time with is something special so always be grateful for those moments. Something about laughing and smiling always makes you feel better, so when maintaining a healthy relationship it’s important to find those times where you two can just goof around. 


If your partner is having a rough day make sure to do a little something to make them laugh and smile. Tickling seems to always be a winner in making someone laugh, but even just doing a goofy dance could change the entire mood!

Take On New Things Together

Trying new things together is so great for bonding. It keeps a relationship healthy and fun. Even try something out of your comfort zone, but that your partner likes are always a great step. It shows you care and are willing to do things for them even if you don’t necessarily like it. Some activities may surprise you and you might end up liking them.


The action can be as small as going on a hike together or watching a movie genre your partner loves but is your least favorite. No matter the activity, it is something to show you both care and is willing to try new things for your partner. After all, it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Maintaining a happy and healthy relationship is important for a long successful connection between you and your partner. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when being in a relationship! Comment below your thoughts!

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