5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Being a Millennial or Generation Z or whatever they define us now as is tough. Constant criticism over our attitudes and our work ethic but more importantly living in the crappy economy we were thrown into. No jobs paying higher than minimum wage and way to expensive electronic companies taking advantage of us. Because they no we can’t live without our phones and internet. So I’m here to help. Here are 5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill.

1. Family Plans

As a University student people expect themselves to be able to have complete independence especially under the pressure of fellow students, other family members, and society in general. But sometimes still depending on your parents is a huge help that’ll help keep you financially stable throughout school.

See if your parents would be able to team up on a family plan, that way its cheaper for everyone. Usually the way companies offer this deal is by splitting the data usage between four people. You each have your own phone, unlimited text and call, but the data is put into a pot and used by all four of you. That’ll substantially lower your cell phone bill.

2. Research Different Companies

You may still be with the company your parents set you up with when you were a teen. Research your options. Compare companies and what they’re willing to offer you. Don’t be shy to ask questions or negotiate, this is your hard earned money and you deserved to be paying the right price, while also be able to lower your cell phone bill.  Sometimes moving to a company that has a less known reputation is actually beneficial to not only your wallet,  but your accessibility to customer service and cell reception in the long run.

5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

3. Employee Discounts

If you currently hold a job make sure you look into whether or not your place of employment has any deals to electronic companies. A lot of establishments have company plans or discounts that can get you access to some top phones and top phone plans for a much cheaper rate. But again don’t go overboard, think rationally about what you use your phone for and plan and cellular device will best suit you without going over budget, and what will help you lower your cell phone bill.

4. Minimize Your LTE Usage

Wifi is everywhere now. And when I say everywhere I mean it. Coffee shops, Subway stations, Churches, I’ve seen it everywhere. When you get somewhere make sure you find out for absolute certain that there isn’t a wifi password. Doing this will get rid of this extra over use data charges that can easily rack up.

Make sure that whatever plan you get you figure out their travel plan. Especially if you travel our of country frequently. A lot of companies now offer cheap daily prices for using your full plan in another country, especially within North America.

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5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

5. Say No To Contracts

Contracts are a trap and thats the tea. Contracts can seem cheaper when you’re at a provider booth and they’re telling you the newest iPhone is $0 with a two year plan, but in the long run you’ll actually end up paying more money. You’re better off finding your own phone, either refurbished or brand new, buying it and then bringing it to a provider to get a SIM card. That way they won’t be able to add in those extra charged monthly for you not completely owning your phone.

5 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Have you ever successfully been able to lower your phone bill? Did it work? Let me know in the comments below.

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