10 Ways To Look Like a Baller Without Breaking the Bank

Look Like a Baller, 10 Ways To Look Like a Baller Without Breaking the Bank

We all want to look good and feel good in our clothes right? Feel classy and fabulous? Of course! I don’t have the money to go out to buy the fanciest of clothes or the most designer of the handbags. But what I do have is the creativity and the hustle to make the best with what I have! A lot of these tips on how to look like a baller without breaking the bank include just taking care of your things and invest in the pieces you have. I have found a few old and new trends that can help us look like ballers as well. Check it out! 

1. Check That Materials

Materials like silk, wool, and cotton will not snag as easily! This way, your clothes will stay looking good for a longer period of time! I feel like you can spot cheap ones (such as polyester) pretty easily as well. That material is notorious for falling apart and not lasting, so staying away from that type of fabric is a must. No hate on polyester, but we want to look fancy and want our clothes to last, then it is a no go shmoo. 

2. Peep the necklaces

Necklaces that are layered a good distance away from each other (about two to three inches apart) will give us that classy vibe we are going for instead of piling necklaces on top of our necks. Or making them too far apart. Fashion experts say to go for two to three inches for that classy vibe. 

3. Slip it On 

Our grandmothers knew what was up. The key to nice clothes is slips. Wearing a slip under skirts, dresses will help clothing look better. They will encourage the fabric to lie better, it will wrinkle less and fewer pit stains! Those are the bane of my fashion existence! The number of times I have had to throw something away because of pit stains is ungodly. Also, less static cling which is hella annoying. So invest in a slip, it will take a long way. 

10 ways to dress like a baller without breaking the bank

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10 ways to dress like a baller without breaking the bank

4. Your Clothes Fit You 

Not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence, but I feel like it is important to address this! I remember when I was younger I would pick out clothes based on style and less on comfort! It is possible to do both! You don’t alter yourself to fit your clothes! We must pick out clothes that actually fit us. They should feel like a second skin. That way, you can look good and feel good at the same damn time. 

5. Browse Second-Hand Stores

They are fabulous. You can find MANY gems throughout second-hand stores. Most of them take clothes that are in great condition so you do not have to worry about something dirty or damaged. In addition, you will definitely be saving a ton of money by buying from these stores. Also, you can find unique items from back in the day. Vintage is always in. Going to second-hand stores are win-wins. Some that are probably in your area are Clothes Mentor, Last Chance, Plato’s Closet and I have heard great things about ThredUp (online). 

10 ways to look like a baller without breaking the bank

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10 ways to look like a baller without breaking the bank

6. Treat Your Shoes With Care

I have NOTORIOUS for not giving a crap about my shoes as they lay under my bed haphazardly piled on top of each other. But caring for your shoes is key! They make the outfit! A noticeably scuffed heel is the opposite of fancy! We do not need to buy super expensive shoes, we just need to take care of the ones that we have now. If you own leather, polishing them goes a long way to keep them looking good as new. 

7. Capes Are Not Just for Royalty 

Capes! Who does not want to wear an oversized blanket?! That is essentially what a cape is! It also keeps you super warm as the season turns. It is not hard to wear a cape at all! You can throw it over a sweater and pair of jeans and you are good to go for your day of adventure. You can also wear as you tear up the town on a night out. Check out this trend! 

10 ways to look like a baller without breaking the bank

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10 ways to look like a baller without breakin ghte bank

8. Go with Neutrals 

Classic black and white are always great neutral pieces to wear. Those are not the only ones though, think beige, caramel, tan, navy blue, and forest green. A monochromatic style always looks classy and well put together. In addition, adding more neutrals to your closet will give you more range to style your clothes in different ways. This look works throughout the seasons as well. That way, you are looking classy without breaking the bank! Do not sleep on those neutrals. 

10 ways to dress like a baller without breaking the bank

9. Invest in Accessories

In my personal experience, accessories are underrated. They tie the whole outfit together. If you have money to splurge on an item, go with a nice handbag. You do not have to go with a Gucci, even one from Guess is very nice and is of high quality. If that is not in your wheelhouse, spending money on a designer scarf, earrings or necklace goes a long way. You could also throw in a pair of oversized sunglasses to give you that classy, expensive look. If you step out in a sweater and jeans and add a nice accessory to your outfit, it will look like you paid a lot more for the outfit than you actually did. You look good, feel good and your wallet is full? Straight up win. 

how to dress like a baller without breaking the bank

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10 ways to look like a baller without breaking the bank

10. Confidence is Key 

You can’t say I’m a cheeseball because you knew this was coming. It is the truth, confidence is key if you want to dress like a baller. Stand up tall, take pride in who you are. Our clothing is an incredible way to express ourselves and tell our stories! Tell your stories! You are fabulous and take pride in who you are. It truly makes a difference. Think highly of yourself. You out there hustlin. Get your signature walk, go out there and get it. 

In the age of consumerism, let’s stay ahead of the game but getting creative, appreciating what we have and looking fabulous on our own terms! Ballers on a budget unite! 

featured image credit: unsplash.com 
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