10 Ways To Look Good This Summer On A Budget

Do you wanna look good this summer but wanna save money doing it?! The hard part is that sometimes when we spend less on our clothes it can be hard to avoid looking cheap. Look at these tips so you can look like a queen all summer long for less!

1. Sales

These are literally everywhere, so keep your eyes open. Personally a store for me that’s always cheap and has sales is Rainbow. You can spend $20 and get 3-4 items. You need to keep a little bit of money aside for these, cause this is great to save some money. Especially when they have big sales sometimes they’ll announce it on the website, whether it’s online or in-store.

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

2. Thrift Store

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve grown fond of them. Even now I love going to Plato’s closet when I get the chance. That thrift store has all named brand clothes for really cheap. So don’t hate it till you try it! You’ll get good quality clothes for less.

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

3. Be creative

Sometimes all your new clothes are actually in your closet. Have you ever really taken a look? There are soo many outfit combinations you can create that you may not even realize. You gotta start trying things on together and making new outfits. I’ve done this occasionally and I never realized how nice some of my clothes look together until I tried this. It’s better to do this since it doesn’t cost you a thing!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

4. DIY

I’ve attempted this but never really full succeeded. It has worked out for friends of mine and even I kind of wanna try again. Basically, just take an old t-shirt you don’t really like to wear out and spice it up. You can make shorts out of jeans or make your jeans distressed jeans. You can create crop tops, maybe even out of old dresses. This is great to do because it’s cheap and can give you a new wardrobe. If it doesn’t turn out well just try again, or ask for some help if you need it!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

5. Boyfriends T-shirts

Now at the moment, I don’t have a boyfriend. But I have an older brother and I steal his shirts, normally for sleeping. But if it’s something that has potential, dress it up or DIY it. You could have a new outfit before you know it. I don’t know about you, but most guys I meet have normally more expensive clothing than myself, so this is a great way to avoid looking cheap!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

6. Clearance Racks

These exist everywhere and sure you need to really dig through the racks for the cheap items that are still good quality, but it’s worth it in the end. If you have trouble finding it in your local store just ask. It’s not a crime to wanna save a buck!

7. Stores Going Out of Business

This isn’t something frequently you can find, but nowadays everything is going out of business. I remember running to Charlotte Russe like three or more times when they were going out of business and buying tons of clothes for low prices. I did the same with Joyce Leslie, although I really hope that store comes back. They also get cheaper the closer they get to closing so keep that in mind. Just look it up on your phone or ask friends and family if local stores are going out of business or have sales!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

8. Make What You Have Work

Sometimes we may not even realize all the clothes we have. I mean I sure haven’t worn everything in my closet. So try not to buy new clothes unless you really get rid of some of your old clothes. You could have some cute items of clothing and you may not even realize it. So take a second look in your closet!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

9. Buy Clothes in the Winter…

You may not realize this, I mean I didn’t either. But summer clothes in the wintertime are 10x cheaper than they actually are in the summer. I’ve even bought winter clothes in the summer. I swear sweaters for like $6 that are normally $20. So keep your eyes open, especially for that clearance rack, that’s normally where they keep them!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

10. Save Up

Sometimes it’s good to have money put aside so that when summer comes, you actually have money to spend on shopping. You are gonna go outside believe it or not, and there’s gonna be clearance racks and new clothes. So why not put aside like $200 for summer clothes. Don’t spend it all in one shot. Make sure you really think about if you’re gonna wear what you’re buying!

10 ways to look good this summer on a budget

How will you avoid looking cheap this summer? Tell us in the comments!

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