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10 Ways To Look Cute But Stay Comfy

10 Ways To Look Cute But Stay Comfy

One of the biggest issues I have with fashion is feeling stiff in whatever I’m wearing just to look cute. I’m more of a t-shirt, leggings, and gym shorts kind-of-girl, so “dressing up” has always been a struggle because I just want to be comfortable. Here’s 10 of my favorite options to pick from for a night out with friends, a casual day in town, or just because!

1. Rompers

The first romper I owned was too small and too tight around the waist. Once I found the right size for me, I loved them! They are super easy to wear because you don’t have to pair the top with pants and vice versa, which saves time if you wake up late for work.

Just pair them with a cute pair of sandals or heels and you’re good to go!


2. Jumpsuits

Same thing with jumpsuits, they are super easy to slip on, but they have pants instead of shorts which gives you the chance to wear it to work if you wanted. Jumpsuits have gotten super popular to wear to weddings, but they are also casual enough to wear for a night out.


3. Dresses

When in doubt, dresses are actually super comfy. Loose-fitting dresses are my best friend and I just pair it with a cute jacket for a night out or sweater if I’m headed to work. Dresses with sleeves like the one pictured below are an awesome choice for a girl’s night!

4. Comfy Shorts

Comfy and cute shorts are. My. Favorite. Instead of dealing with jean shorts or shorts that are super stiff and uncomfortable, get a pair of these! Or a few pairs. It feels like you’re wearing gym shorts, but they are way cuter!


5. Jogger Pants

One of my favorite comfort piece is the Adidas soccer pants, so jogger pants like these are my go-to for a night out drinking. Just pair them with a pair of heels or sandals and a cute tank and you have a cute summer night’s outfit!


6. Crop Tops

For an easy and quick piece to pair with the shorts or joggers mentioned above, go with a crop top! I always thought I’d be paranoid with my stomach showing, but if you find the right fit for you, you only have to worry about a small piece of your abs showing!

7. Jeans

Jeans will always be cute, at least for me. They are super comfy if they are well-worn and faded. A cute tee or a crop top would go great with them for a day on the town! Add a sweater to it and you have an adorable fall outfit.

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8. Vans

I. Love. Shoes. Comfy shoes especially. Vans are my go-to shoes almost every single day whenever I go out. They go with almost every outfit and it gives the outfit a little bit of athleticism. Whether you choose low-tops or high-tops, they are super comfy!


9. Skirts

I’m usually not very big into skirts, but I found a jean skirt a while back and I think I’ve worn it way too much to be socially acceptable. You can pair a jean skirt with literally any top and any shoes and it will be adorable! 



Give the girls a break from a real bra sometimes and pick a bralette! They are great to accessorize with and it gives a little pop of uniqueness to whatever top or jacket you’re wearing!

What are some of your favorite comfy pieces to wear? Let me know in the comments! I’m always in need of a few new pieces!

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