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10 Ways To Live Your Life Like The Main Character

10 Ways To Live Your Life Like The Main Character

I know we have all watched movies like “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” and dreamed of riding through a well lit tunnel with outside of a car with the wind in your hair. Well, I’ve got good news, you can, and all you have to do is follow a few steps and ride with the waves because life is a movie, if you make it one. 

1. Wear What You Love

The first step to becoming the Main Character in the movie of your life is to dress the part. Your sense of style can tell people more about who you are than most of the words you say could. I know it can be scary to follow your gut when it comes to fashion, we all secretly fear the negative opinions on our outfit choices, but remember the first rule of fashion, anything worn with confidence looks good. Plus, not only does how you dress impact how other people see you, it impacts how you feel too. 

So, whenever you want to strut out of the house feeling like you’re the main character, pull out your best outfit and strut baby! 


10 Ways To Live Your Life Like The Main Character

2. Do What You Love

Let me start this one by saying, most main characters have an epic character development moment where they make one pivotal decision and everything goes up from there. Nobody starts at the top, not even in movies. 


So, If you’re not currently doing something you love, it’s not too late to change that. I’m not suggesting you get up and quit your job to pursue being an Instagram Influencer. Although, if you want to do that, I fully support you. I’m just telling you to make sure you are doing something you love everyday. If your career isn’t your passion, that’s okay, just make time for your passion somewhere else. The main character always makes time for what they love because they can’t live without it. 

3. Listen to Incredible Music

You need to fill your life and ears with good music constantly. I personally am a huge supporter of Apple Music but, Spotify is my go-to when I’m looking for new music or very specific playlists for my mood. Spotify even has a playlist titled “My Life Is A Movie” for those main character moments. Everyone is going to have a different idea of what “good music” is and that is totally okay.

Personally, I separate decent music from good music by how much serotonin fills my head when I listen to it. Those songs that make me so happy I feel like I could fly, they’re my go-to’s.


4. Laugh at Yourself

The Main Character in movies never has their life perfectly in order. In fact, usually they’re a bit of a mess, or at least start out that way. So, be patient with yourself, you don’t have to have it all figured out. Breathe. Laugh at yourself when you need to. We all do cringe worthy things sometimes, but trust me, the humiliation subsides a lot faster if you laugh it off. Whenever you need to relax and move on from whatever happened, just laugh it off and keep moving. Life is too short to drive yourself crazy over 30 seconds of your day. 

5. Love Hard

To Live your life like the Main Character you need to remind yourself how short life is. You only have one chance to do it all, but you know that. That’s why YOU’RE the main character. You make the most of every feeling and moment. Main Characters always fall in love hard, even if they get hurt. 

Spoiler Alert, everyone gets hurt, even in the movies. It’s inevitable that we all get hurt at some point in our lives but I challenge you to not close yourself off no matter how bad it hurts. Love hard. That can go for relationships of any kind, and even experiences. Do everything you do with an abundance of love and I promise you, you will be the main character. 


10 Ways To Live Your Life Like The Main Character

6. Explore

In order to experience new things, you have to leave your comfort zone. So get out there, girl! Go try new things, and see new places. These excursions don’t have to involve traveling for hours, they can be right in your hometown, just try something different. I challenge you to not worry about the “what if” voices in your head because 99% of the time, these experiences will be amazing and if they’re not, you learn from them. Nobody grows from staying in the same place. Say “Yes” more often.

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10 Ways To Live Your Life Like The Main Character

7. Don’t Give a F***

This may be the hardest tip I have because as someone who cares WAY too much about people’s opinions, it’s not an easy habit to just drop. I’m not asking you to just wake up one morning and not care about everyone else, I’m asking you to notice yourself doing something differently to please someone else, and stop it. You will be one million times happier in your life when you stop doing things to keep everyone else around you happy. 

The true people in your life will be happy seeing you happy, everyone else can see themselves out the door. As hard as this habit is to break, once you’re free of outside opinions on your life, you feel free as a butterfly. 


8. Take Risks

Risk taking is scary because it’s…risky, but, that’s also what makes it so fun. Risk taking doesn’t have to be jumping off cliffs or almost getting arrested. Sometimes it feels risky to apply for your dream job that would require you to up and move across the country or to make the first move on your crush. Both of these risks are worth taking and may or may not go down in history as moments your life changed forever. Make as many of those moments as possible. 

9. Watch Movies

I personally, LOVE movies. I get a thrill out of watching other people live my dream life. Without fail, after the movie ends, I am sitting in my bed planning out my next steps to get exactly where that main character got. Sometimes the best way to find who you want to be is to watch other people be that. I’m definitely not suggesting you spend your life picking up personality traits from everyone you meet, what I am suggesting is that you notice traits you adore in other people, and strive to achieve that too. 

One of my favorite TV Shows right now is “The Bold Type”. Not only do I love watching three best friends live the coolest lives in NYC, but I love Suttons work ethic, Kats confidence, and Jane’s heart. (Honestly, my love for Jane has been a huge inspiration behind me wanting to be a writer and now, here I am.) 


10. Dance In The Rain & Photograph It

I mean this metaphorically, but I also always support a good rain dancing moment. When I say “Dance In The Rain”, I mean, live in the moments. If you get the chance to do something cool, take it. You may get soaking wet or a cold, but the dance will have been worth it. Life is made of small moments. Sit back and appreciate them all. Oh, and take pictures of them. Don’t sit on your IPhone planning out the perfect Instagram photo of you and your friends being cool. Buy a disposable camera, or ten, and take photos of every moment you can. Then, print them out and put them in a photo album. You’ll be glad you did. 

Comment down below other ways you live your life like the main character! Oh, and if you get a text inviting you out tonight, go. Then, let me know how it goes in the comments below too. Go live your dreams, baby!