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15 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle In College

15 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle In College

Between classes and a social life, it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle in College. Save yourself from the freshman 15 with these 15 health tips!

Between classes, studying, work, and social life, it is often difficult to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle during your college years. When there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, the first thing that often goes out the window is health and fitness. With these 15 tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle in college, you will be able to create a healthy lifestyle that leaves you looking and feeling your best. 

1. Carry a Water Bottle EVERYWHERE.

Hydration is the first step to leading and maintaining your health during college and beyond. The benefits that water provides to the body are endless. By physically carrying a cute water bottle wherever you go, you will be more aware of hydrating your body throughout the day. 

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2. Stock up on healthy snacks for your dorm room.

Between late-night studying, weekend nights out, and what I like to call “boredom feasting” snacking in college is inevitable. Fill your dorm room with healthy options so when the late night cravings hit, you are filling your body with essential nutrients instead of heaps of sodium and sugar. Many companies today provide monthly deliveries of healthy snacks right to you. Some great subscriptions include: Urthbox, Love With Food, Vegan Cuts and NatureBox.

3. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

I know, I know. That’s a lot easier said than done, but allowing yourself to sleep for the proper amount of time will reap major benefits in the classroom and during workouts. Sleep allows your muscles to recover naturally and strengthens your immune system, which will be crucial your first year of college as you adapt to a new environment and lifestyle. 

4. Create a workout routine.

And stick to it! At the beginning of every week, schedule at least an hour of the day to go to the gym, attend a fitness class, or complete your specific workout regime. Stay consistent when blocking out workout time because it will help you stay committed to completing the routine.


5. Pay attention to your body.

The human body is the most powerful tool that you have. The body knows what it wants and it is imperative that you stay in-tuned with what your body is telling you. Your body will tell you when your hungry and when your full; when your ready to step up your workout intensity and when you need a rest day. All you have to do is listen to its needs.

6. Schedule some me time.

This goes hand in hand with keeping a routine. A healthy lifestyle does not exist without a healthy mind. Block time into your schedule to guarantee some time to focus on you. Take this time to journal, listen to music, sit in front of Netflix, or do whatever you love. Everyone needs a little R&R in their lives!  

7. Find a workout buddy.

Conquering the gym alone and trying new workout routines can often be intimidating. Having another person by your side will not only take away any anxiety of facing the gym alone, but it will hold both of you accountable for staying on track. You will motivate each other and push yourselves to new limits. 


8. Track your meals and workouts.

This is different from counting calories. Although counting calories may work for some people, the number game can be more harmful to your overall health than helpful. Pay attention to the types of foods you’re eating, and write down everything that you eat. This will help you become more aware of what you are putting into your body, and it will force you to think more about the different food options available to you. 

9. Find personal inspiration.

Whether it be a motivational quote, a fitness role model, or a song that really pumps you up, finding inspiration will allow you to dig deeper during workouts and stay more focused on your healthy lifestyle and goals. 

10. Detox your body.

Let’s be real. The college party scene is not the greatest thing for our bodies. Whether you attend one club event a year or never miss a tailgate, naturally detoxing the body is a great way to eliminate harmful toxins and restart the internal systems within our bodies. Detoxifying can also provide relief from bad skin and lack of energy.  Drinking hot lemon water in the morning or sticking to a fruit and veggie diet for a few days are both great ways to detox. 

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11. Take advantage of free class on campus.

Many college campuses offer either free gym memberships to students or free fitness classes and events throughout the year. Group events are awesome ways to try new ways of exercising and meet new people on campus. Another helpful tip: bring your University ID and ask local fitness classes if they offer student discounts.

12. Set personal goals.

Setting goals is a great way to focus your training. Take some time to sit down and write out short term and long term goals for yourself, and place them somewhere that you will see daily. This will motivate you each day towards achieving those goals. 


13. Manage your stress.

Stress can be extremely toxic for your body and your mind. This oh-so-common emotion is often responsible for unhealthy eating habits, headaches, lack of motivation to work out, and a weakened immune system. De-stressing is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout college. See why tip #6 is so beneficial?  

14. Take the long route to class.

Walking to class is a given when you are trying to obtain a healthy lifestyle, but if you have some extra time before class take the long route to get a bit more cardio in.

15. Do it for yourself.

As cheesy as it sounds, this is crucial. Make the decision to live a healthy and fit lifestyle to make yourself happy. Like I said before, a healthy lifestyle will not survive without a healthy brain. Happiness plays a crucial role in the success of your healthy lifestyle. Be selfish in regards to your health and fitness. This is for you and you only. 


Do you have any other tips for living a healthy lifestyle in college!? Share in the comments below!

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