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5 Ways to Level up the Little Black Dress in Your Closet

With the coming new year get creative and show your stylistic talent as you try your hand at outfit upgrades! We all have that little black dress that seems to just live in our closet for years and years. It’s become a staple item in everyday wear and now you’re finding this once beloved dress being consistently regarded as the lesser choice compared to your other attire options. The constant debate goes on regarding its worth in your wardrobe but ultimately, you just can’t seem to get rid of it. What if I told you that by just adding a few accessories on, you could transform that simple, basic little black dress into an outfit of perfection! Bring this essential wardrobe piece back to life and with a few outfit upgrades, give a brand new, effortlessly flawless look every time you wear it. 

Shoe Pairing

In fashion, shoes, in general, are rarely taken into account when it comes to styling an outfit but rather are often made to disappear and leave attention primarily to the clothing attire itself. A new opportunity arises to bring a focus to shoes when you have the goal of revamping your little black dress. A night out, Date, Gala, you name it, if you’re trying to achieve a high-end look with your little black dress, pairing a brightly colored heel is all you need to do. For decades heels have been utilized to add a pop of color to a dull outfit and this realizable fix just seems to never fail. Though most commonly we see the iconic red pump and black dress look, the color combination options are truly never-ending. Just as we can style our little black dress up with our shoe choice, we can style it down using the same technique. Grab your favorite pair of trendy sneakers to create a fashionable on-the-go look. If you’re prepared to be on your feet and need an outfit that can provide mobility and comfort, this is about to be your next favorite outfit. Let loose and bring out that sporty vibe as you rock a pair of Vegas, Supergas, or another high-end sneaker brand and take the day on by storm. Over-the-knee boots truly made their debut in the 1960s however over half a decade later this iconic shoe is making the comeback we have all been waiting for. Though thigh-high boots were once reserved strictly for occasion wear, if worn correctly this shoe can be shown off on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking to bring that little black dress back into your wardrobe rotation, rock it with a pair of classic black over-the-knee boots. Experiment with a variety of shoe choices and with your outfit upgrades, watch as the compliments stream in.


Know those big, statement earrings that you have been eyeing but don’t know how to style them. I have your answer. Earrings are an easy way to prevent a little black dress from giving the same tiring look that you’re trying to avoid. With chunky hoops, quirky drop earrings, and stunning stones, the options for statement earrings are there and are ready for you to take on your favorite style. Falling pearls are a favorite of many and have been a hot craze over the past few years, if you’ve been looking to jump on board and experience this trend for yourself, this is your time. While brooches and pins are not necessarily the most popular in items of adornment, for those on a mission to improve a little black dress, this unique item is about to be your best friend. Brooches and pins are one of the easiest outfit upgrades in that they attach to any clothing material with ease. As a result of the movement in 2022 where more simplistic clothing was popularized, brooches have proved very effective in providing just the right amount of glitz and sparkle to give character to a basic dress. Most commonly brooches are seen in metal materials, although designers have taken quite a liking to this specific accessory, brooches can fit any price range and can be utilized over and over again. If you’re looking for more of an effect than earrings of pins, surprisingly enough, necklaces hold the answer. When it comes to styling a little black dress, this jewelry type is far overlooked. Layering necklaces have the potential to produce an immensely dramatic look. Layer at least three necklaces of your choice and to add more depth, make sure they fall at different lengths. Pair a bolder chain with other delicate necklaces to give it dimension and structure. Jewelry will give you a look of glam while reinventing the dress you once thought wouldn’t make it out of your closet again. 

The Jacket Effect

Outfit upgrades come in all different forms, but a notorious favorite comes with the layering of a jacket, shawl, or coat. Top off your little black dress by adding an essence of sophistication with the side benefit of comfort. When it comes to layering, understanding which of these attire pieces work is absolutely essential. If you are headed to a casual work event or even looking to get a little dressier for a dinner date, an open blazer or tailored jacket is the perfect solution. While keeping low maintenance, and relaxed style these options have the power to take a simplistic dress and make it refined. If you are seeking a more lavish look a faux fur coat is exactly how you can go about that. In the past few years faux fur has taken off and the luxury fabric and fur options are endless. Achieve a flirty look with a cropped faux fur overcoat or make a statement with a longer, deluxe fur Faux fur that falls below the knees. If you are strictly looking for a jacket for fashion purposes and not taking into account warmth or protection, shawls are a great, lightweight option. Shawls along with being easy to later, are available in a dense variety of. From frills to embellishments to diverse patterns and variant lengths, finding a shawl to match your occasion and compliment your dress is no difficult task. 

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A tip when it comes to leveling up a little black dress is all in the details. Accessories play a big role in reviving and energizing a basic dress and incorporating a few fashionable additions can be an easy, diverting way to revamp your outfit. Adding chic outerwear is just as effective as it is practical. Drawing some attention to a decorative scarf or elegant gloves will contribute sophistication to your dress outfit and produce a look that is far more put together. On the topic of practicality, a bag is needed for every social outing or event. Ditch the worn out tote bag or clunky purse and exchange it for a little glitzy clutch. Experiment with material and shade and find the perfect clutch to meet the vibe of your outfit while adding a pop of color to liven up your look. Wrap it all together with a stylish belt, whether it’s a wider, leather harness belt or a thin, basic buckle belt, just incorporating this little add-on is an easy way to create a grand stylistic effect while adding minimal material. in terms of outfit upgrades, accessorizing requires little to no cost and works like no other at taking your little black dress and making it something of an ensemble of excellence. 

Mystery Girl

Somedays, mixing it up with a more incognito look is exactly what we need. Take it from street style icons, Paris Hilton or Reese Witherspoon. If you’re in for a day of running errands and need a chic, casual look, adding a black sun hat and shades to your little black dress will deliver just the style you are looking for. An elegant, wide-brimmed sun hat is timeless and adorable and after coupling it with your favorite pair of statement sunglasses you will feel just as posh as you look. Save this style for a sunny summer day and put to use a formerly lifeless little black dress to create a stunning, leisurely outfit. Not all outfit upgrades need to be intricate and planned, pop on those sunglasses and floppy hats and rock your little black dress. 

It can be easy to overlook certain items in your closet and deem them as unneeded and producers of clutter. When it comes to the little black dress, the one you have seemingly owned forever, an exception is absolutely essential. With outfit upgrades such as adding a chic jacket or a pop of color with an electrifying heel, explore the stylistic possibilities that can be produced with just a little bit of experimenting and modish imagination!

Adelia McGuire

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