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5 Ways To Leave Him Wanting More

5 Ways To Leave Him Wanting More

Are you wondering how you can keep your guy interested? These five ways to leave him wanting more will improve your relationship and also give you the utmost confidence. 

1. Be Spontaneous

Being spontaneous can spice up any relationship. Your spontaneity will always keep him on edge in a good way. He won’t know what to expect from your dates and that will have him anxiously waiting. Spontaneity will always leave him wanting more. When he thinks about you, he will think about how much fun you both had, and he won’t want to wait another 24 hours before seeing you again.

There is a perfect balance between being the right amount of spontaneous. The easiest way to spice things up would be to go to a new restaurant in another part of town. Breaking the routine that you are both used to will create a spark in him. The more risk-taking you do in your relationship the more curious he will be. In turn, this will leave him wanting more and he will always have you on his mind. 

2. Take the Lead

Nothing screams sexy more than taking charge. C’mon ladies, we love it when our men do it so what makes you think they don’t love it just as much? Be in charge of date plans. Don’t beat around the bush constantly going back and forth trying to figure out what he wants to do. Tell him what you want to do and he will follow suit.

If you are both in that intimate stage of your relationship, he will go crazy if you take charge in bed. Grab him by the shirt and pull him onto the bed. It can be extremely sexy to pin his hands down while you take charge. But don’t let this newfound leadership go to your head. Being too bossy can be a major turn off!  

3. Eye Contact

Eye contact is not only a sign of respect but it also lets someone know you care and are interested in them. A lingering gaze will send him the message that you are deeply into him. Making eye contact will also make it clear that you want him to make the first move and that it is ok for him to kiss you. Be sure do it flirtatiously and not in a creepy, too intense way.

It can easily backfire. It does take some practice to find the perfect balance so don’t beat yourself up over it. Flirt with seductive eye contact to leave him wanting more!

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4. Be Coy, Don’t Be Desperate

You want to fascinate him and keep him interested. The quickest way to do that is to leave him wondering what it is you want. Playing hard to get can be a dangerous game. If you play hard to get too much he can be left confused and turned off. Just the right amount of coy can drive him wild and keep his interest in you. It’s tough to maintain a mysterious persona without being desperate for attention. Just be yourself—calm and casual. This will leave him wanting more!

5. Always Smell Good

Just like we enjoy the rich and only smelling cologne on our men, we need to give them that same effect with our perfume. Your man will comment on how good you smell and constantly look for that sweet scent every time he hugs you. Whenever he smells it, he will instantly think of you. Our sensory receptors are very strong and control our emotions. So make sure you strengthen that scent to leave him wanting more!

How will you leave him wanting more? Share with us in the comments below!

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