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12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting If You’re Stuck Inside

12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting If You’re Stuck Inside

Talk About Your Hopes and Dreams

Really sit down and talk. Tell each other what you want to accomplish with your lives. What you wanted to be when you grew up and the steps you’re taking towards doing it. If you’ve changed since then, (We can’t all be astronauts, race car drivers and doctors!) talk about where you’re headed and why you changed your mind. 

If you don’t have kids, talk about whether you want boys or girls. What you want for names. Talk about the family that you hope to have someday.

Play “Never Have I Ever”

This game is a great way to learn a little, or a lot, about your partner. You can play a clean version where you only say things like “Never have I ever run a red light.” or, you can turn the tables a bit and say things like “Never have I ever gotten frisky in public.” Do a one, the other, or a little bit of both. Make it your game. Decide that the loser has to do something for the winner. I know that it’s usually played with more than two players, but it can definitely be adapted. 


This is a really great way to keep your relationship interesting when you’re stuck inside.

Play “Truth or Dare”

The ultimate secret discovery game. Find ways to learn the real things you want to really know about your partner by flat out asking them! Keep your relationship interesting, ask the deep questions!

Go Through Memory Boxes or Photo Albums

Find old photo albums from when you were a child. Dig up an old memory box. Maybe something you’d put together as a teen. 


Ladies, let’s face it. It’s mostly going to be our stuff you’re going through because boys don’t do that. They don’t make scrapbooks, and they sure don’t put together memory boxes. Let’s also accept the fact that those memory boxes are going to be filled with cheesy boy band things, probably some pieces of paper with our names scribbled next to our high school boyfriends last name, and probably some other embarrassing memorabilia. Run with it. Have fun with it. Enjoy remembering the years when your biggest worry was deciding which boy band member was the cutest.

Create A New Memory Box or Photo Album

I adore this idea. Find a picture of each other that you love. Write a note to them on the back, (don’t let them see it!), and put it in the box. Write each other a letter dated for 10 years and put that in there too. Pick out pictures of the two of you together. Make a wish list, or to-do list, for the two of you. Write down things you want to do as a couple. Vacations you want to take, the places you hope to live. 

If you have kids, each pick out one picture of each child and write a short note to them on the back. Then, both of you together, choose one picture of each kid and write a note to them together. It’ll be a great keepsake for them someday!


12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting If You’re Stuck Inside

Create Your Dream Home Together

Decide what it looks like, how it will be laid out, what color the outside would be. What color the inside will be…down to every room. How each room would be laid out. 

Would you kids each have their own room, or would they share? Do you want a rustic barn wood type home, or something more modern? A large kitchen or would you rather have a large living room?


What about the yard? Would you be ok with a small, fenced-in yard, or would you rather have a large open lawn for your kids to play in? Swing sets or playsets? 

Tell Embarrassing Stories From Your Childhood

Have you ever done something so incredibly embarrassing that you blush still thinking about it? I know that I have. When I was in eighth grade I played basketball and I shot the ball into the wrong hoop during a game once. I actually made it. One of the few shots I ever made in my career. I still blush thinking about it. My friends still like to give me hell about it.

These embarrassing stories can help make you and your significant other feel like you really know the ins and outs of each other.


Tell Each Other Your Dream Vacation Plans

Is there somewhere that you’ve really wanted to visit? Is there a reason for that? What would you do when you got there? 

Give each other an idea of your dream vacation.

For example, my dream vacation was to go and see the grave of Jesse Woodsen James. The notorious outlaw from the 1800s. I also wanted to go and see the home he was shot in. My reason for it, well, I used to live in Northfield, MN. If you know anything about Jesse, you know that Northfield was the last bank that the James/Younger gang attempted to rob. They celebrate the Defeat of Jesse James Days every year. I was able to fulfill this dream in June 2018. Some of my former significant others understood, and some didn’t.


12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting If You’re Stuck Inside

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Play A Childhood Game


Play Trouble, or Chutes and Ladders. Trust me. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have playing one of these games. Add a little bit of alcohol to it and you’d be really surprised.

Trouble – every time you pass someone on the board going around, (go around two times!) they have to take a drink. Every time one of you gets sent back to start, the person going back has to finish their drink. If one of you gets all the way into your home spot, the other has to finish their drink.

Chutes and Ladders – Whoever gets to go up a ladder gets to make the other finish their drink. Whoever has to slide down a ladder has to finish theirs!


Keep your relationship interesting. Add alcohol to a child’s game, lol!

Talk About Your Future

Where do the two of you want to go? What are you hoping to get out of your relationship? What about your life? Are there still things you want to accomplish? What are they? Sit down with each other and really talk about your future. 

Write Each Other A Dirty Story

Even if this is the first time you’ve done this, your partner is going to love it. You can go into as much, or as little detail as you want. You can use the two of you as inspiration, or you can make it up completely from scratch. Put little features of your partner in it and see if they pick it up. Or, put little details of yourself. Do as you wish, it’s your story!


12 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Interesting If You’re Stuck Inside

Tell Each Other A Secret Noone Else Knows

Much like the embarrassing story suggestion, this can give you a chance to really know your partner. It gives you both a chance to reveal something to each other that nobody else has heard before. It gives you a chance to really dig a deeper level of trust with your partner.

How are you trying to keep your relationship interesting while stuck inside? Let us know in the comments!

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