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10 Ways To Juggle Work and School While Staying On Top

10 Ways To Juggle Work and School While Staying On Top

Juggling work and school is a big responsibility. It’s hard to manage them and be successful with both at the same time. There are a lot of things that you can do to balance both and be successful. Here are 10 ways to succeed at work and school while still being on top!

1. Micro Manage

Understand when things are due and how to abide by the timeline of assignments are given. Be creative about getting them done. If it’s something that involves a computer and a smartphone can work just as well, use it! It’s hard trying to navigate when to do what and how to eat, sleep, and breathe at the same time! Make sure you’re not depriving yourself of essentials.

Often times, it is easy to get distracted mid-semester and realize too late that you’ve fallen behind. Everyone has this problem at some point, some sooner than others. 

Whether you have one or two jobs, trying to balance your set work schedule and trying to not work too much but enough to make a living.  


2. School Work Is Most Important

You don’t want to be too invested in work when you are spending money to attend classes and do school work. There’s this argument within yourself that says you shouldn’t work too much but you need to work in order to have money to fund your spending habits. You shouldn’t have to give up the most important thing in your life at this moment for a job that you shouldn’t be at after you graduate. 

10 Ways To Juggle Work and School While Staying On Top

3. Work Stays At Work

The worst thing you can do is bring your work home. No matter the day you had or the co-worker that won’t stop complaining. When you walk out of those doors to go home, everything that happened should stay there.

The time wasted venting about work is time you could’ve used to do homework or cooking dinner or simply relaxing. 


4. You Have To Sleep Sometime

The most important thing to make time for is sleep. After everything you do, it’s nice to be able to lay in bed and relax. Although sleeping may sound unproductive, it helps ease anxiety and stress! It’s hard balancing work and school, so making time to rejuvenate yourself makes you more productive! When you are doing work, rather that be school or actual work, you should never try to finish it when your too tired.

Exhaustion is not a thing to mess with and you should always know when to stop if you are too tired. You can always talk to your professor about an extension or to your boss about getting the day off. You don’t even have to sleep, you could just relax on the couch or just taking a minute for yourself.

5. Stay Organized 

If your room or work space is cluttered with nonsense you were meaning to throw away but haven’t, you should probably throw it away. Having a clean space to work can free your mind and make for a seamless transition to and from work and school! If you are generally not the cleanest person, the act of cleaning can serve as a mind dump for the clutter that’s in your mind.

It’s hard finding time to stay organized, but the more organized you are, the more clear your mind will be.


6. Take A Break

Don’t work harder than you have to. Forcing yourself to work too much in one sitting doing homework is hard on your brain which can cause you to loss focus anyway. Don’t get frustrated when you can think are can’t stay on track, it’s brain saying you need a break. Even if it’s for 20 minutes, a break is a break. And always reward yourself staying on task!

7. Know Your Deadlines

Be thoughtful when knowing when to do what before deadlines come up. This helps the last minute dash to get an assignment in on time. It’s hard to know deadlines off of the top of your head so being able to write them down and visualize when things are due makes for a more efficient semester. 

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8. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Someone

When you have no one to talk to it can seem stressful when you have so many things going on. Being able to destress by talking to someone can help you problem solve an assignment or solving something that is going on in your personal life.


Talking to someone can relieve much of the stress that comes up when you have too much on your plate. It won’t relieve everything, but will help recollect your thought to think clearer  to do another assignment or another day of work.

10 Ways To Juggle Work and School While Staying On Top

9. Keep Your Professors In The Know

If something does happen for whatever reason, keeping your professor updated on what’s going on and what you are having trouble with can help you in the long run when you need an extension on an assignment. When you have a good relationship with your professors, they are more likely to understand your point of view. The best thing to remember is that they are people who don’t make deadlines too. 

10. Stay Positive

Although this may seem simple, but when you have a positive outlook on an assignment or at work, it’ll be more enjoyable and it’ll feel less like you have to do it in order to pass a class or get your pay check. Sometimes it will be hard and you’ll want to drop out or quit work, but sticking through the hard times will make you a better person and you’ll have a sense of achievement. The more positive you are, the happier you’ll be over all in work and school! 


10 Ways To Juggle Work and School While Staying On Top

While doing two thing at once, like work and school, it can be hard to navigate them and try to do them in a timely manor. Have you tried any of these? What do you do to balance both? Tell us in the comments below!