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10 Ways To Incorporate Vintage Decor Into Your Living Space

10 Ways To Incorporate Vintage Decor Into Your Living Space

There are many ways to make your living space cozier. One of my favorite ways to bring color, life, and personality to your home is by incorporating vintage decor. The best part of using vintage decor is that you can add as little or as much as you want and it still makes a statement. There is a little something vintage for everyone that you can add to your living space that will make a great addition! Check out our tips for adding vintage decor to your home and find what works for you!

1. Start Small

If you are looking to add vintage decor to your living space, don’t be afraid to start small. If you like vintage items but don’t want it to look like a full-on antique store, look for things like book stacks, framed photos or end tables. Though these are minimal decor additions, these smaller items can add just as much as a statement piece. Feel free to add modern touches such as a new coat of paint, ribbon or flowers to make it yours! Keep the item in the neutral color scheme and you’ll be able to use it no matter what room you place it in.

2. Ask Your Family

If you want a piece of decor that has a story, try asking your family members if they have anything they’d let you borrow (temporarily or permanently). You’d be surprised what they might have hiding in their garage or attic. I’ve gotten some beautiful items from my grandparents just by asking. They loved the opportunity to let the decor be on display and I love sharing the story behind how I got the piece! I always try to make the pieces a focal piece or draw attention to it to make it pop! Make sure to preserve the piece as to keep the family history but don’t be afraid to make it work for your space!


3. Mix Old and New

Don’t be afraid when using vintage decor to mix your styles! A lot of vintage items are classic and work with a variety of other styles. Try taking things like antique candle holders and adding fun colored candles, an old magazine holder to keep your copy of Vogue or a vintage window to display photos. The possibilities are endless! DIY and upcycling is your friend when it comes to decorating with vintage pieces.

4. Think Outside the Box

Boxes are one of the most underrated pieces of decor. Vintage boxes can be used for a little bit of everything! Try using a hat box to keep your accessories in or to hide your makeup. Smaller boxes can be used for earrings, keepsakes or recipes while still looking adorable and adding a touch of vintage to your living space. Fill them with flowers for a cute centerpiece or simply stack them up for a decor tower!

5. Pick a Focal Point

The key to any great room is to have a focal point that draws your eye and makes a statement! Finding a vintage decor item that steals the show is a perfect opportunity to add personality to your living space. Look for coffee tables, credenzas or chairs that have a history and tell a story while still being functional. If you are looking to use it daily, make sure to get a vintage-inspired piece that is new so it will last you for years to come.


6. Use Vintage Patterns/Fabric

Running out of room? Don’t worry about buying more furniture, try adding vintage material! Look for blankets, pillows or rugs that have a vintage feel and that are practical. You can’t go wrong with a colorful vintage-styled quilt in your bedroom or finding printed pillows for your living room that feel retro.

7. Cute Cups and Plates

One of my favorite items I own is my set of vintage plates, bowls, and teacups. Found at Goodwill, the turquoise china is adorable and adds some fun to every meal. Check out antique stores, thrift stores and of course your family members to find used sets for a great price. If you’re iffy on using older dishes, there are several brands that offer vintage-inspired sets. Look for ones with flower prints for authenticity or some that feature antique color schemes. Make sure to display them to add some vintage decor that is also practical!

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8. Make it Musical

Decorating with vintage items doesn’t mean you can’t use them every day! One of my favorite pieces of vintage decor is my record player! Whether you get a true vintage one or a cool reproduction in a fun color or pattern, find a way to display it along with your record collection! Find a table that comes with a built-in record organization or display them on the wall above the player!

9. Crates

Vintage crates are awesome to use for storage, shelves, and cute catch-alls. True vintage crates look great with other vintage nick-nacks on display. If you are lacking in space, stack them up in a corner and use them as bookshelves. Don’t forget to create cute stacks tied with ribbon to add an extra vintage touch. If you find a crate with writing on it, keep that on display and use by the front door to keep your phone, keys, and wallet in when you get home!

10. Old Photos and Art

Finally, reach for old photos or art to frame and display. Find photos that feature people you find interesting, add a cool frame and display it on furniture or the wall. Lots of antique stores have a section of photographs and even if you don’t have the backstory, the images add a vintage touch while still being an interesting decor item. Look for art that is either vintage itself or inspired by a time gone by. If you’re buying new, look for art with retro patterns and colors and aim at making a collage wall for the most impact!


Do you have any vintage decor in your living space? Share your pieces below!