5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

I’ve come to accept that essential oils are the new fad! Personally, I’m a huge fan. I see a big change in myself, my mood and the magic that happens when they are used. It’s ultimately the best way to create a calming, stimulating, detoxifying atmosphere. It’s almost like a natural medicine treatment to the crazy stress of life!

Warning: Huge fan of Young Living! (not sponsored). All oils I mention are going to be from Young Living. They have been around for 25 years and are the only essential oil company that owns their own farms. And because they do, their oils are 100% pure with no synthetic fragrances or fillers. Their diffusers are made of medical-grade plastic so you don’t breathe in broken-down plastic.

1. Diffusing

Mixing essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to get the best of multiple benefits. In the mornings, mixing scents like lemon or citrus fresh with peppermint helps keep me energetic and awake while lifting my mood so I can get ready for the day. And when night rolls around, I use almost anything with lavender! Frankincense and lavender, stress away and lavender, cedarwood and lavender or just a few drops of lavender on it’s own! It creates a calming ambience that helps me destress, relax and on some nights work like a spell to put me to sleep. Diffusing oils are also muti-purpose and can be using when trying to clean, trying to focus or to try and change a bad mood into a good one.

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

2. Roll-Ons

Probably the first time I saw essential oils on social media, I saw someone make roll-ons. I think it sold me on the idea of becoming your own personal chemist. Mixing a carrier oil like coconut oil with a couple drops of thieves to boost up your immune system or a couple drops of rose for your skin. Seeing that different blends would help calm or up moods by just rolling on wrists or behind ears almost instantly is the benefit of roll-ons. 

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

3. Bug Spray

Last summer I spent a lot more time outside than I usually do and instantly regretted it! Since I was really into essential oils I wondered if I could make a bug spray! And low and behold, with witch hazel as the carrier oil, some peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, and purification, I had the greatest natural solution to get the bugs away!

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

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4. Air Freshener

With essential oils almost any remedy is possible! If essential oils make a room smell good while giving you the aromatherapy needed, then air freshener for the bathroom are the obvious way to go! Why not feel good while doing your business? Am I right? Because it’s all-natural, the spray is so strong that one or two spritzes gets rid of the odours and captures the smell making it instantly disappear. Mix witch hazel with 30 drops of your favourite essential oil and a little bit of water and voila! Homemade poo poori! 

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

5. Dryer Balls

Not only are dryer balls cheaper, reusable and better for the environment, but they also reduce drying time and replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Who doesn’t want to cut time and expenses in half?  Dryer balls are an all-natural chemical-free alternative. They last forever! Literally, 2-4 years and over 1000 loads! 1-2 drops of lavender or purification or any of your favourite essential oils on the dryer balls and press start on your dryer!

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

Do you have any other ways you incorporate essential oils in your life? Share your recipes or what you do with your favourite essential oils!

Featured Image Source: https://www.thatswhatchesaid.net/young-living-essential-oils
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