6 Ways To Improve Your Makeup Skills

Whether your a makeup beginner or have never done makeup before, it can be hard to get the hang of it at first. That’s why we came up with 6 ways to improve your makeup skills (plus an extra two).

1. Look up tutorials 

We live in such a digital age that we can find how to videos all over the internet. Going on social media such as Instagram and YouTube and searching up a tutorial of a look you want to recreate can really help. These beauty gurus take you step by step on how to achieve the look you’re looking for as well as even listing the products they use. Even if you are not necessarily following the tutorial you can still learn just by watching. Before you know it you’ll start picking up basic techniques that you can incorporate into your own makeup. you’ll notice everyone has there own way of doing there makeup so as you are learning their techniques, its also important to understand that there way is not necessarily the right way. Truth is there is no right way to do makeup so don’t take these tutorial too seriously. Tutorials are meant to be helpful but also entertaining. 

2. Practice makes perfect 

Trying to get good at any skill always takes practice. Although you may not get it right away be patient and give yourself time to get good at it. After all makeup is an art and even the best artist continue to practice there craft. There is always something to learn, so if makeup is something you are really interested in, I highly encourage you to always practice and research. Practice can be frustrating especially if it is use first few times ever using makeup. however, don’t be discouraged. Most importantly don’t expect your makeup to turn out like some of these beauty gurus upon first few try. Remember they are professionals who have been practicing makeup for years and even they too had to start from somewhere. 6 Ways To Improve Your Makeup Skills


3. Look up beauty hacks 

As well as tutorials there are lots of hack videos to get makeup done a lot faster and easier. You’ll be surpirsed at the creative and fun new hacks you’ll find to do your makeup. Some hacks include ways to easily apply your eyeliner, creating lip gloss colors, filling in your eyebrows, and so much more. These hacks may sometimes be creative and fun or they can be helpful for makeup beginners. There is a hack for just about anything if you really take the time to look into it. Makeup hacks are all over YouTube and Instagram so you are bound to find something that sparks your interest.

4. Get the right tools 

There are brushes for almost everything from blush to even lips. These can definitely come with a high price tag but don’t feel like you are obligated to spend a lot on these tools especially if you are a beginner. Most drugstore makeup brushes work just fine for makeup beginners. You will notice just how much more smooth your makeup application looks when you learn the proper use of brushes and beauty blenders. It can help to give a more neat and professional look to your makeup. Its also important to learn the difference brushes and their individual uses. This can be hard to remember as there are so many different types of brushes so I would recommend getting a brush set with labelled brushes.

5. Start off easy

Yes dramatic eyes and a bold lip can be really add to and outfit but if you are just getting started in the makeup world it’s best to start simple. It’s tempting to want to follow these elaborate tutorials full face beats but it may be a lot for someone who has little experience with makeup. Do things you are comfortable with and slowly work your way up once you feel you have one look down and perfected. I also recommend focusing on certain parts of your makeup routine that you feel need improvement. So for example, if you struggle with filling in your eyebrows, I would recommend specifically looking up eyebrow tutorials. This allows you to hone in and really practice on areas that may need some work which will allow for an easier transition for more elaborate makeup looks.


6 Ways To Improve Your Makeup Skills

6. Ask a consultant 

Whether it’s someone you know personally who is a makeup artist or a consultant at a cosmetic store, its always helpful to ask questions. It’s okay to admit you don’t know something and that you need a second opinion. Beauty experts such as Sephora employees are there specially for that reason: too help you. They will let you know how something is meant to be used, how they use it. They may even test out certain products on you such as a foundation shade to help you find one that best suits you. So remember, you should never be ashamed to ask questions. Its the best way you will learn how to improve your makeup skills.

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6 Ways To Improve Your Makeup Skills

7. Find what works for you 

Of course everyone is different so products that might work for someone else may not always work for you and that’s okay. Try to consider things like what type of skin you have whether it’s dry, oily or combination. Also consider colors and the undertones of your skin. Most importantly check the ingredients for anything you may be allergic to or will irritate your skin. For example some people will require a oil free foundation because they naturally have oily skin or there skin may be sensitive to oils. However, finding what works for you is all about trial and error so be open-minded.

8. Take your time 

If you have never really dove into makeup before, the best thing to do is play around with it in your free time. You don’t want to rush a look or even rush the process. Taking time to figure things out will help you realize what you like and what you don’t. So if you don’t get the hang of it right away it’s okay these things take time. Don’t expect you makeup to look just like somebody’s else. Develop a routine and techniques that work best for you.


Hopefully you found this list of 6 ways to improve you makeup skills helpful. Whats your favorite part about doing your makeup? Comment down below!

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