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10 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

10 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

Here are a few ways to improve communication within your relationship to your significant other. These tips will help communication flow easily.

Being a relationship is never easy. There are big talks, there are small talks and there are fights. These are all good ways to communicate, even if you get upset or angry in the fight, you are still communicating. With this in mind, you need to think about ways to improve communication and how you can make it better for yourself and your partner.

1. Be Open

If something doesn’t feel right in your relationship, then you need to talk to your partner about it. People change and grow everyday and if you think there is something changing or something that needs to change, you need to tell your partner.

2. Listen To Your Partner

If you or your partner initiates a conversation, you have to listen to their views as well. There might be a reason that things have changed. They might have just needed you to ask them. These types of difficult conversations can only work if both partners are willing to listen and create ways to improve communication.

15 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

3. Talk About Yourself

If you are communicating with your partner, then talk about yourself! It doesn’t have to be selfish. Talking about yourself can help teach your partner about yourself and what you are looking for. You can express your feelings and where you feel like you are in the relationship, this will help with reaching relationship milestones.

4. Take Some Of The Blame

If you do have a fight with your partner, you need to be able to take some of the blame. By taking blame you are validating your partners fears and issues. You are showing them that you understand and demonstrating important ways to improve communication. Of course, not all issues are blameful, but by taking responsibility you can try and help the situation.

5. Be Aware Of The Place

If you are planning on having a difficult conversation with your partner, you need to think about the time and place of the conversation. If it is going to be a hard conversation, then you need to be somewhere safe and comfortable. Someone might get upset during the conversation and they need to be able to express themselves. If you don’t know how your partner is going to react then make sure they are feeling comfortable and comforted by their surroundings.

15 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

6. Take Time To Have Difficult Conversations

Once you’re in the comfortable space, you need to ensure you have time to talk. Difficult conversations can sometimes drag up things that have happened before or bring other issues into light. You need to make sure you have the time to deal with all of these issues. Taking time to have these conversations is a really good way to help the relationship generally too.

7. Have A Way Of Making Up After A Difficult Conversation

After you’ve had your difficult conversation, you’ve should try and find a way to cheer yourselves back up. This could be by getting a takeaway and watching a film, or sneaking off the bedroom. But spending time together after having a difficult conversation shows that you still want to spend time together and the conversation hasn’t affected your relationship.

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8. Have A Normal Conversation

Sometimes, the ways to improve communication is just that you just need to talk to your partner normally. Ask them how they are, or how their job is going. By doing this you’re taking an interest in their life and learning things about your partner. It’s a very simple way of staying connected but being connected is all that matters sometimes.

15 Ways To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

9. Ask Questions

If you are having any type of conversation with your partner, whether it be difficult or just causal, ask them questions. Your partner will want to talk to you, it’s why they’re with you. By asking them questions, you’re asking your partner to open up to you and if they do – then it shows how much they want to be with you.

10. Observe How They Are Reacting

In any conflicting conversation, look at your partners body language. Are they facing you? Are their arms crossed? Do they look sad? By reading their body language you can probably find out how they are really feeling, this can help you to support them more.

If you can think of anymore ways to improve communication within relationships, then please let us know in the comments below!

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