5 Ways To Implement Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

Lavender, especially lavender essential oils and scents, are like a gift sent down from the heavens. This essential oil, or traditionally known flowering plant, is beautiful to look at and wonderful to take photos among, but were you aware of all the benefits and uses lavender can bring to your general skincare and self care routines?

Really, lavender has the benefit of producing a calming essence once inhaled or sprayed throughout a room. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety, it induces sleep for those who have trouble getting to or staying asleep, it calms the skin of irritation and helps to relax your entire body. It is a gentle scent with powerful and purposeful benefits, ones that can easily be maintained and implemented in your skincare and self care routines.

If you’re looking for a brief education on the benefits of lavender in your skincare and self care routine, then look no further than right here. With a selection of incredible DIY recipes, uses and methods for lavender, these five ways for implementing lavender into your self care and skin are routine will relieve all your stresses and calm all your nerves when you need it most.

1. DIY Lavender Face Toner

As we’ve already mentioned, lavender essential oil has a calming nature and as such can easily be used to reduce and relieve skin irritation when you need it. This means that lavender can be used to help irritated skin, especially skin that is prone to enlarged pores, skin impurities and is in dire need of cleansing.

A face toner is impeccable at removing skin impurities and eliminating traces of makeup, dirt, enlarged pores and more. Facial toners are best used after the use of a cleanser, to remove excess dirt and oil from the skin. It helps to relieve irritations and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

To get all the benefits of lavender in a face toner, this DIY lavender face toner from Loving Essential Oils uses lavender essential oil, alcohol free witch hazel and Vitamin E oil. These ingredients, especially witch hazel, relieve the skin of irritation and nasties, and use the calming benefits of lavender essential oil. Combine together and pour into a glass spray bottle. Spritz this on the face after cleansing for a truly calming sensation.

5 Ways To Implement Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

2. Calming and Refreshing Lavender Sugar Scrub

Lavender has amazing healing properties, and when combined into the ruminants of a sugar scrub, can have an incredible incredible impact on the skin. Typically, lavender essential oil is commonly used to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, as the calming scents and cooling effect of this oil helps to calm nerves and revitalise the senses.

Interestingly, prior to the First World War, lavender was used to heal and disinfect wounds. It is a natural disinfectant and helps with headaches and neck tension. A sugar scrub can easily be used during the bath or shower, and one with lavender such as this one from Make Calm Lovely is perfect for scrubbing on before bed. This will help relax all the muscles and send you off into a calming, deep and blissful sleep.

This lavender sugar scrub includes white sugar for exfoliation, coconut oil for natural moisture, and uses actual dried lavender as well as lavender essential oil to help with sleep problems and relax the body. The dried lavender also adds that beautiful element to this sugar scrub that we are absolutely obsessing over.

5 Ways To Implement Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

3. DIY Lavender Clay Face Mask

Clay masks have become all the rage these days. Take pink clay masks that completely rejuvenate the skin and are all over your social media. But let’s face it, clay masks, especially in the Instagram world, can be incredibly expensive and can put a nice big hole in your wallet. For that reason, DIY face masks, and in this case clay face masks, are definitely the way to go.

The benefit to making a DIY clay face mask is that you become well aware of all the ingredients you choose to put on your skin, it eliminates the chance of skin irritation, and of course using all natural ingredients allows you to soak all the benefits you need without the nasty chemicals that may come with it when you buy them in store or online.

Typically, clay masks are made for those with oily skin, as the harsh rupture of the clay soaks into the skin to relieve excess dirt and oil from the skin’s surface. But this lavender clay face mask from Soap Queen is different. It is specifically made for those with sensitive and dry skin, and uses hero moisturising ingredients such as avocado oil, argan oil and more to really add some shine back into the skin. And of course, lavender essential oil to add a beautiful scent and calm your senses.

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5 Ways To Implement Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

4. Fluffy Lavender Body Butter

When you hop out of the shower or bath at the end of the night just before going to bed, you likely are hoping to relax in the most meaningful way possible. To elevate your sleeping pattern for the night, we’ve already established that lavender essential oils are remarkable in delivering in that department.

But if you’re perhaps someone who doesn’t take a bath at night, or you’d rather a lavender scented cream or body butter to apply on the skin before bed to help you sleep, then this fluffy lavender body butter recipe from Tweak and Tinker is an excellent option. Handmade whipped body butter is like next level relaxation. It easily resembles something like chocolate mousse, whipped cream or marshmallow fluff. We’re sure this is going to relax all your senses.

5 Ways To Implement Lavender Into Your Skincare Routine

5. Vanilla Lavender Lip Balm

Now this might be the true icing on the cake … and forgive our poor analogy on this one. But lip balm is super essential, especially in the colder months such as Fall and winter. To combat the dry skin season, keeping unchapped lips is absolutely detrimental. You can risk developing cracked lips and bleeding lips if you fail to keep your lips moisturised, plump and soft.

And with the gorgeous scents of vanilla and lavender mixed together in one for a delicious lip balm, we’re sure this vanilla lavender lip balm from Grow For Age Cook For Element is going to calm all your senses. This will give you a cool effect throughout the day, and will help relax your senses at night time.

5 Ways To Implement Lavender In Your Skincare Routine

Which of these lavender recipes will you implement into your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments down below!

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